Modern Black Crystal Chandelier > $275.99 Ceiling Light, 8 Lights

This beautiful modern crystal chandelier will bring a special atmosphere of glamour, chic, elegance, modernity and, the most important thing in every home, coziness. This elegant chandelier is made of

Modern Textured Black Glass Chandelier > $275.99 Six Glass Shades, Six Lights

This modern glass chandelier is a perfect addition to any décor, especially where elements of high-tech or modern elements of the interior prevail. Add modernity and freshness to your home

Modern Glass Chandelier > $285.46 Polished Chrome, 8 Lights

Truly, a contemporary classic, this eight light chandelier’s gleaming chrome finish with sandstone etched glass shades makes this fixture easy to coordinate with many of today’s color schemes. This unique

Modern Rain Drop Chandelier > $450.50 Starburst, 9 Lights

This extraordinary chandelier will fit to any room with modern decor. Crystals are dangled low and they are of the different shapes. At the bottom of the whole chandelier a

Modern Mini Rectangular Chandelier > $88.58 Crystal, 1 Light

This absolutely gorgeous crystal chandelier brings with itself a special atmosphere of chic, glamour and elegance into your house. At the top there is a rectangular plate, on which are

Modern Rain Drop Crystal Chandelier > $297.00 Crystal Balls, Nine Lights

This beautiful chandelier is beautiful and adds contemporary and elegant style to any room. Moreover this stunning modern chandelier will give the chic vibes and rich look. In fact –

Contemporary Rectangular Crystal Chandelier > $280.50 Rain Drops Style

This beautiful Chandelier is trimmed with Empress Crystal. This stunning modern chandelier will give to any room a piece of chic and rich look. In fact – it is astonishing.

Modern Crystal Chandelier > $147 Bubble Style, Dining room or Living room

An excellent crystal fixture for your foyer, dining room, living room and more! The feature of this fixture are beautiful 100% crystal balls in the shape of raindrops that capture