Modern Glass Chandelier > $598.99 Linear Shape, Four Lights

This chandelier is absolutely unique. You won’t find anything like that. It is very luxurious with mystic black finish. Made from glass. The slim frame and Tiffany art glass is

Antique Glass Chandelier > $519.00 Olde Black Finish, Five Lights

This lovely chandelier has the most of its fine details: individually unique antique scavo glass shades twisted wrought iron and hand-forged scrollwork in an olde black finish complete its rustic-chic

Black Metal Chandelier > $158.99 Unique Design, Five Lights

The main part of this chandelier is made of metal. The finish of this chandelier is painted, its color is black. The design of this lovely chandelier is unique you

Wrought Iron Crystal Chandelier > $526.00 Vintage Style, Twenty Four Lights

This beautiful chandelier has a solid base in black and many gracefully curved arms that hold 24 candle-like bulbs. In addition, this lovely chandelier is decorated with crystals. All the

Vintage Black Glass Chandelier > $149.99 Elegant, Sparkling, Stylish

This chandelier possesses a cascade of clear glass hanging accents and glass beads framed in black. The draping of beads adds a magical touch to this lovely chandelier. This chandelier

Large Black Crystal Chandelier > $106.48 Drum Shade, Six Lights

This is a perfect combination of the chandelier beauty with a soft, modern shade. This gorgeous shaded chandelier creates a lovely light in any room. This chandelier will bring a

Modern Black Chandelier > $149.99 Drum Shade, Crystals, Three Ligths

This is a crystal chandelier with clear crystal accents and a black drum shade. This chandelier enhances the elegance of any room with this drum shade and crystals. Delicate crystal

Vintage Style Black Chandelier > $251.10 Blacksmith Finish, Six Lights

Add a new look to your room with this lovely vintage chandelier. A high quality chandelier for a low price. It will bring a special atmosphere of medieval times. Its

Vintage Black Crystal Chandelier > $281.62 Orb Shape, Six Lights

This chandelier distinguishing feature is a design, that combines vintage characteristics (crystals) with modern (orb shape). It is a masterpiece and this chandelier may become an unexpected twist for any

Vintage Style Black Chandelier > $66.21 Four Lights

This chandelier design is simple but elegant at the same time and it is the main distinguishing feature of this lovely black chandelier. This chandelier consists of one base and

Wrought Iron Crystal Chandelier > $88.58 One Light, Empress Crystal

This beautiful Chandelier is trimmed with Empress Crystal. This beautiful chandelier of a Great European Tradition will bring a special atmosphere of glamour, elegance, grace, modernity, and, one more important

Modern Black Crystal Chandelier > $129.94 Leaves, Antique Copper Finish

Add a touch of elegance, chic and glamour to your dining room, kitchen, living room, bedroom or guest room with this lovely crystal chandelier. An exquisite crystal-leaf shape highlights an

Black Crystal Chandelier > $110.00 Five Lights, Nontrivial Vintage

This black crystal chandelier of a Great European Tradition brings a special atmosphere of glamour, modernity, and the most important thing in every house, coziness. This product is unique –

Modern Black Crystal Chandelier > $275.99 Ceiling Light, 8 Lights

This beautiful modern crystal chandelier will bring a special atmosphere of glamour, chic, elegance, modernity and, the most important thing in every home, coziness. This elegant chandelier is made of

Modern Textured Black Glass Chandelier > $275.99 Six Glass Shades, Six Lights

This modern glass chandelier is a perfect addition to any décor, especially where elements of high-tech or modern elements of the interior prevail. Add modernity and freshness to your home