Antique Tannery Bronze Chandelier > $230 Etched Seedy Glass, 5 Lights

This chandelier promotes classic design and offers its own unique modern twist. Characterized by its long, sweeping arms offer a clean look while remaining fresh and exciting. With the rich

Vintage Dust Bronze Chandelier > $168.46 Three Lights

This chandelier combines antique and modern features at the same time. This bronze chandelier may look simple but it has its elegance and grace, thus a space acquires special charm

Bronze Antique Glass Shades Chandelier > $149.99 Five Lights

This chandelier has 5 light-bulbs; they are well-placed so that the lighting will diffuse evenly in the whole room. Its light is charming and bright. This beautiful chandelier will bring

Antique Large Bronze Chandelier > $99.99 Glass Lamp Shades

This stunning vintage chandelier will give to any room a piece of chic and rich look. Bronze body looks very expensive, as if you ordered it to be forged for

Brushed Nickel Chandelier > $175.99 White Frosted Glass Shades

Brushed nickel and frosted glass were combined in this chandelier. These two are the most famous representatives of contemporary classic in the decor. This chandelier – as a good rock

Satin Nickel Modern Chandelier > $164.99 Glass Lamp Shades

In this chandelier you won’t see any extra crystals, sequins, beads or other flicker elements. Only simplicity, conciseness, uniformity and synchronicity are presented in a given sample. You know how