Antique Crystal Chandelier > $88.58 Pink Shades, Three Lights

This beautiful chandelier is going to present all the residents of your living space a good mood – your daughter in particular! This elegant and feminine lighting fixture will fit

Antique Brushed Nickel Chandelier > $485.28 Etched Glass Shades, Nine Lights

This dazzling chandelier represents antique décor style. It has ten feet of chain which enables to decide upon the height needed. This fixture is finished with brushed nickel, making it

Antique Tea Stone Glass Chandelier > $190.00 Glass Shades, Four Lights

This classy looking chandelier will brighten up and add coziness to any casual décor. It is well made from metal – it looks as if the chandelier sleeves were tight

Antique Crystal Chandelier > $156.59 Pink Shades, Five Lights

This hanging fixture features a pink finish and crystal glass. The chandelier is a great product. It includes two sets of crystals: white teardrops and pink hearts. This princess beauty

Modern Metal Bronze Chandelier > $180.00 White Glass Shades, Five Lights

This modern glass and metal chandelier renovates contemporary forms with straight simple lines. It resembles the ancient lighting fixtures. The glass shades look as if being settled down the steering

Modern Glass Nickel Chandelier > $605.98 White Shades, Five Lights

Look at this interesting whimsical wonder! This lighting fixture is luxurious, super attractive and easy to install. The main body of this chandelier looks like the string of giant glass

Antique Bronze Iron Chandelier > $285.95 Black Shades, Four Lights

This is a phenomenal piece and well worth every penny. It is a solidly constructed fixture with beautifully executed design. Made from iron it is sure to serve you for

Modern Glass Chandelier > $139.19 Aged Bronze, Four Lights

The classy designed chandelier will make your home warm, cozy and inviting. It looks like hanging aquarium with some alien cube inside of it. The structure of this hanging lighting

Modern Steel Black Chandelier > $148.42 Black Shades, Six Lights

This fancy chandelier is beautifully composed of durable metal and delicate crystals. The central part is made of crystal so as the discs under the shades that hold the bulbs.

Modern Steel Chandelier > $260.00 Frosted Glass Shades, Eight Lights

This chandelier is truly modern, not Craftsman, not ostentatious or fussy. Using the elegant simple lines, it will give your house exactly what it wants and it won’t impose a

Modern Bronze Chandelier > $284.85 Etched Glass Shades, Four Lights

Clean, simple and straight lines of this chandelier will modernize anywhere it is placed. Four arching linear arms hold four white etched glass shades. They provide a tremendous amount of

Antique Crystal Chandelier > $88.58 Wrought Iron, White Shades, Four Lights

This mixture of materials and colors will fit any room, any color scheme and almost any décor style! Made from wrought iron and colored black the body of the chandelier

Modern Glass Chandelier > $99.95 Alabaster Glass Shades, Five Lights

This stunning modern chandelier will give to any room a piece of chic and rich look. Bronze body looks very expensive, as if you ordered it to be forged for

Vintage Glass Chandelier > $84.99 Glass Shades, Four Lights

A splendid combination of retro finery and modern functions, this bronze chandelier makes the dining experience a true pleasure, and makes everything look completely different. The happy purchasers state that

Modern Art Glass Chandelier > $715.56 Charcoal Finish, Six Lights

Add a modern centerpiece to your home with the Designers Fountain six-light chandelier. This sturdy fixture has strong lines and a charcoal finish. Six art glass shades disperse inviting illumination.