Antique Locker Crystal Chandelier > $99 Three Bulbs, Silver Finish

This chandelier is like a quite small version of a large antique vintage chandelier. It approaches to a mini size and also can be easily installed even in your closet!

Empire Victorian Chandelier with Swarovski Crystals > $172.24

This wonderful chandelier is decorated with Swarovski crystals. There’s a huge number of them and they have a very nice shine and shimmer either in a daylight, or when you

Cheap Oil Rubbed Bronze Chandelier > $69.95 Soft Glow, Four Lights

The metal structure of the chandelier looks heavy and very expensive. It may seem that a blacksmith has forged it especially for you and you have paid a huge amount

Oil Rubbed Bronze Hummer Chandelier > $132.99 Three Lights

This chandelier provides restrained elegant style. It contains nothing superfluous: no unnecessary sequins and tinsel. Steel lampshade frames the chandelier all around the circumference. If you don’t want to fill

Pink Sapphire Three Bulb Chandelier > $50 Glass and Acrylic Beads

The Chandelier set is composed of glass and acrylic beads and dangles. Three 25 watt candelabra bu pound are used and are included into the set. Hang either with cord

Royally Large Two-Tier Chandelier > $201.32 Twelve Lights

This truly majestic and potent chandelier can easily decorate any room with it’s chic image. It holds 12 bulbs! Therefore, this chandelier produces an incredibly huge light amount. Its’ motto:

Drum Shade Crystal Chandelier > $88.58 White Lampshade, 3-light

This chandelier is made in the best European traditions. Also, it contains some hints of modernity – that’s what we can say by looking at the shape and exterior of

Black Mini Chandelier > $114.97 Bathroom, Locker or Foyer, 3-light

This small stylish chandelier fits to any room. For example: a nursery, bathroom, living room, hall, lounge, kitchen or even a laundry room. If you hang several of these items

Murano Venetian Style Crystal Chandelier > $92.65 Four Lights

Murano – one of the largest islands of the Venetian lagoon. This island is famous for its glass production. Murano glass attracts people from all over the world. Just imagine:

Pink Heart Crystal Chandelier > $133.32 Candle Style Bulbs, Perfect for Nursery

This beautiful Chandelier is trimmed with the Empress Crystal. This gentle, graceful and refined chandelier can melt the heart of not just any little girl, but even every adult. All

Modern Crystal Chandelier > $147 Bubble Style, Dining room or Living room

An excellent crystal fixture for your foyer, dining room, living room and more! The feature of this fixture are beautiful 100% crystal balls in the shape of raindrops that capture

Vintage Style Mini Chandelier > $84.99 White Color, Four Bulbs

A beautiful 4 pound chandelier is the perfect finishing touch to any room even the powder room. This lovely vintage style metal framed chandelier has glass and acrylic beads and

Small 4 arm White Crystal Chandelier > $79.00

This beautiful chandelier is made of high quality acrylic crystals and beads, a glass stem and solid metal frame and arms. Clear acrylic crystals hang from each light bulb base

Antique Empress Crystal Chandelier > $88.58

This stunning chandelier is made with the Empress crystals. It conquers any person at first sight. It is decorated with 100% crystal that capture and reflect the light of the

Cheap Entirely Authentic Crystal Chandelier > $78.74

This peerless chandelier made of the Empress crystals. It retains all the best European traditions. Lots of crystals could fill the room of any size with the starry glow. This