Modern Nickel Chandelier > $629.91 Etched Glass Shades, Nine Lights

This lovely chandelier will become a great purchase for your home. The brushed nickel makes its body with inversed arched shoulders look even more refined. This lighting fixture requires assembly,

Modern White Chandelier > $180.09 Etched Glass Shade, Three Lights

This chandelier will be perfect for your foyer, hall, locker room, entryway and a closet. Its clean and simple style adds a classy touch to any room you decide to

Modern Silver Chandelier > $249.99 Alabaster Glass Shade, Three Lights

This chandelier will be perfect for your hall, foyer, locker room, entryway and a closet. Although you may want to hang it in a living room or a kitchen –

Tiffany Vintage Bronze Chandelier > $388.99 Glass Shades, Three Lights

Belonging to the traditional style, this interesting chandelier fits perfectly with many décor styles: Mission, Islands, Eco, European and others. It may add some ethnic Egyptian notes so be aware

Pink Crystal Shabby Chic Chandelier > $96.64 Perfect for Girls Room or Nursery

This beautiful chandelier is trimmed with Empress Crystal. This magnificent chandelier is all 100% crystal. Nothing is quite as elegant as the fine crystal chandeliers that gives sparkles to brilliant

Pink Sapphire Three Bulb Chandelier > $50 Glass and Acrylic Beads

The Chandelier set is composed of glass and acrylic beads and dangles. Three 25 watt candelabra bu pound are used and are included into the set. Hang either with cord

Modern Crystal Chandelier > $147 Bubble Style, Dining room or Living room

An excellent crystal fixture for your foyer, dining room, living room and more! The feature of this fixture are beautiful 100% crystal balls in the shape of raindrops that capture

Cheap Entirely Authentic Crystal Chandelier > $78.74

This peerless chandelier made of the Empress crystals. It retains all the best European traditions. Lots of crystals could fill the room of any size with the starry glow. This

Eight-bulb Classic Crystal Chandelier > $159

This chandelier as a great european tradition: nothing superfluous but still chic. This beautiful chandelier from the Versailles Collection has 8 lights and is decorated and draped with crystal adding