Modern Metal Chrome Chandelier > $300.00 Sputnik Design, Eleven Lights

Create your own universe right under your roof with this chandelier! It has a unique construction of sputnik or supernova. If you are interested in astronomy, physics or chemistry, this

Modern Metal Chandelier > $126.83 Candelabra Bulbs, Eight Lights

This unusual chandelier will become a great investment for your money. Being rounder at the bottom and spreading the hands into various directions, it resembles an anchor, which, in its

Antique Chrome Crystal Chandelier > $125.00 Drum Shade, Nine Lights

This graceful chandelier will fill your home with timeless elegance and with contemporary vibes at the same time. The chandelier base made from metal will ensure the tight and secure

Contemporary Metal Chandelier > $127.00 Drum Shade, Three Lights

This fabulous chandelier is made of metal and brushed with nickel, which makes it look so contemporary that it will be a perfect addition to so many modern styles! This

Antique Black Crystal Chandelier > $157.00 Drum Shade, Four Lights

This contemporary chandelier looks very modern owing to its metal black shade and metal black hooks which hold the chandelier. The shade provides a very easy access to the light

Modern Chrome Crystal Chandelier > $119.00 Elegant, Stylish, Sparkling

This modern crystal chandelier will bring a special atmosphere of modernity, elegance, glamour and, the most important thing in every house, coziness. This lovely chandelier is a perfect addition to

Modern Chrome Crystal Chandelier > $244.49 Five Lights Linear Chandelier

What can one say about a beautiful projection of color along a sunlit wall? Well, that is what you will walk into each morning, whenever you place this opulent chandelier!

Modern Crystal Chrome Chandelier > $129.99 Pendant Ceiling, Six Lights

This modern chandelier is made of high-quality materials, including crystal. This crystal chandelier of a Great European Tradition brings a special atmosphere of modernity, glamour, and the most important thing,

Modern Polished Nickel Chandelier > $759.99 Two Tiers, 9 Lights

This is two-tier polished nickel chandelier with slate gray fabric shades and frosted diffuser. This marvelous chandelier combines antique and modern features, they make the chandelier remarkable. This chandelier is

Modern Dark Amber Crystal Chandelier > $181.99 Five Lights Pendant Chandelier

Add some sophistication and illumination to your home decor with this beautiful chandelier. Those people, who have designed it for you, are familiar with ink calligraphy bases. This lighting features

Bronze Metal Chandelier With Linen Waffle Shades > $199.99

This vintage chandelier of a Traditional European style brings a special chic into your house. This beautiful chandelier has linen waffle shades so that your place acquires coziness which is

Vintage Dust Bronze Chandelier > $168.46 Three Lights

This chandelier combines antique and modern features at the same time. This bronze chandelier may look simple but it has its elegance and grace, thus a space acquires special charm

Industrial Orb Oil Rubbed Bronze Chandelier > $162.77 Candle Style Lights

This chandelier distinguishing feature is a design, that refers to the ages of the Da Vinci golden section and represent the unique system of ideally-shaped objects as the center of

Drum Shade Crystal Chandelier >$109.99 Chrome Finish, Three Lights

This beautiful chandelier will be an excellent addition to your interior. Round metal lampshade with chrome finish resembles the shape of the drum and its texture reminds a mesh with

Modern Bronze Round Crystal Chandelier > $187.99 Drum Shade, Four Lights

Bronze finish of this chandelier gives to it a little piece of rigor, but the crystals permit to obtain for the whole structure with some lightness and even weightlessness. This