Rustic Deer Antler Chandelier > $415.00 Cascade, Brown Color, 9 Lights

This is a very beautiful and original chandelier was made of deer antlers. When you look at it, it seems that these antlers were before on a big and strong

Vintage Bronze Drum Shade Chandelier > $249.99 Iron Construction, 3 Lights

This chandelier attracts everyone with its unusual appearance. It is memorable, beauteous, and irresistible but at the same time it is for a gourmet taste. Its base is a large

Steel Sphere Chandelier > $325.90 Birdcage Globe Shape, 4 Lights

This chandelier looks very interesting. It is very attractive because of its shape. It is like a birdcage or a cage for transferring candles. If you do not want bright

Spiral Mason Jar Chandelier > $194.00 Brown Color, 6 Lights

This chandelier is very unusual and refined. It looks heavy and very interesting. There is a brown flat plate on the ceiling and there are 6 ropes of different levels

Antique Brown Chandelier > $74.67 Bronze Finish, 5 Lights

This chandelier looks as if it was removed from the ceiling of the 19th century castle. It looks very expensive, because it has a bronze finish and rubbed oil bronze

Vintage Style Crystal Chandelier > $225.00 Brown Color, Metal Chandelier

Brighten your home decor with this antique bronze crystal chandelier. This extremely lovely chandelier mixes antique bronze and sparkling crystals; this vintage-look chandelier will add old-world elegance to your room.

Modern Crystal Drum Shade Chandelier > $159.95 Brown Color, 5 Lights

Bronze brown finish of this chandelier gives to it a little piece of rigor, but the crystals permit to obtain for the whole structure with some lightness and even weightlessness.

Modern Iron Oxide Down Chandelier > $499.90 Brown Color, 6 Lights

This chandelier will perfectly complement any decor in warm colors. It looks very modern and stylish. From the main body of bronze color extends 6 branches with plafonds which are

Modern Brushed Steel Glass Chandelier > $200.00 Brown Shades, Five Lights

This beautiful red glass chandelier will remove the darkness from your favorite spaces in your home! Update your favorite room with this lovely chandelier! Thus modern glass chandelier adds modern

Modern Copper Aluminum Chandelier > $601.16 Unique, Expressive, Artichoke

This wonderful chandelier resembles artichoke. It is made of aluminum and has copper finish. Its design is unusual and unique that you will not find similar for sure! If you

Modern Glass Brown Chandelier > $199.95 Amber Glass Shades, Six Lights

This chandelier is made according to the best traditions of the iron chandeliers. Its main body and its hands are made in bronze finish. The oiled bronze metal, in its

Rustic Glass Brown Chandelier > $180.00 Amber Flake Glass, Three Lights

This brilliant chandelier will fill your home with warmth and coziness in no time. It will become a perfect lighting fixture especially for those who love and adore the Mother

Rustic Dark Brown Chandelier > $53.72 Frosted White Marble Glass Shades

The memory about the time, when the lamplighters used to light up the street lights. Perfectly designed, this vintage chandelier embodies the aesthetic features of contemporary artistry. This model’s Dark

Modern Dark Amber Crystal Chandelier > $181.99 Five Lights Pendant Chandelier

Add some sophistication and illumination to your home decor with this beautiful chandelier. Those people, who have designed it for you, are familiar with ink calligraphy bases. This lighting features