Antique Gold Mini Chandelier > $135.14 Glass Crystals, One Light

This refined mini chandelier will become a great addition to your hall, foyer, entryway, locker room and a closet. Or you can decorate the nursery, adding noble and chic notes

Antique Crystal Chandelier > $102.90 Candelabra Bulbs, Four Lights

This is a lovely product at a very reasonable price. This peerless chandelier made of the Empress crystals. It retains all the best European traditions. Lots of crystals could fill

Contemporary Crystal Chandelier > $196.00 Square Shape, Four Lights

Brighten up your living place with this elegant square crystal chandelier. This chandelier is made from metal, is finished in chrome and enriched with numerous crystals. The chandelier is meant

Antique Bronze Chandelier > $91.00 Teardrop Crystals, One Light

This is a very pretty and delicate chandelier. Its metal curly body creates a beautiful whimsical shape and the brushed oak finish gives that feeling of something lofty and elevated.

Mini Modern Glass Chandelier > $62.99 Chrome Finish, Two Lights

This glass chandelier of Modern style will bring a special atmosphere of glamour, chic and, one more important thing, coziness into your house. This modern chandelier has two white shades.

Vintage Black Steel Chandelier > $848.00 Rustic Ebony Finish, Ten Lights

This lovely chandelier has simple straight line frame finished in rustic ebony. It emits warmth and beauty due to its candle shades. These shades are carved out of solid stone

Mini Crystal Chandelier > $348.00 Elegant, Gold Finish, Four Lights

This vintage chandelier is made of 100% Crystal. This crystal chandelier will bring a special atmosphere of medieval castles and palace, ambience of chic, glamour, elegance and grace. This chandelier

Mini Vintage Wood Chandelier > $161.60 Crystal Accents, Four Lights

This beautiful mini chandelier represents the best of past times and at the same time it adds some splendid and romantic notes to your living place. This wonderful fixture has

Modern Clear Glass Chandelier > $250.80 Brushed Nickel Finish, Three Lights

This lovely chandelier will become a great purchase for your home. It is perfect for today and tomorrow. The brushed nickel makes its body with solid arms look even more

Vintage Metal Chandelier > $120.95 Crystal Accents, Drum Shade, Three Lights

This beautiful chandelier is ready to enhance any room with its timeless elegance and a soft light! Sturdy metal construction with interesting lines and details, it looks truly beautiful and

Mini Faux Crystal Chandelier > $64.90 Cheap, Elegant, Glamorous

If you are looking for a crystal chandelier but you can’t or don’t want to spend a lot of money then this lovely faux crystal chandelier is for you! It

Modern Clear Crystal Chandelier > $105.00 Elegant, Sparkling, Stylish

Create a romantic and splendid ambiance in your living space with this extra gorgeous chandelier. This crystal chandelier has a unique design, clear crystals, and an iron base. The crystals

Vintage Black Glass Chandelier > $149.99 Elegant, Sparkling, Stylish

This chandelier possesses a cascade of clear glass hanging accents and glass beads framed in black. The draping of beads adds a magical touch to this lovely chandelier. This chandelier

Vintage Silver Crystal Chandelier > $89.00 Sparkling Crystals, One Light

If you’re looking for a lovely mini crystal chandelier to bring sparkle to a small space, this one will do the trick. This dainty but beautiful mini crystal chandelier is

Mini Chrome Crystal Chandelier > $68.18 Elegant, Extraordinary, Sparkling

It is high time to enrich your home with this beautiful mini crystal chandelier. This chandelier is made of high-quality materials including crystals. The crystals are removable, you should attach