Antique Bronze Crystal Chandelier > $271.31 Tiffany Design, Twelve Lights

Usually the cage is associated with something tragic, but this chandelier is going to change this idea! This caged lighting fixture fits rustic home with a touch of glam. It

Modern Black Crystal Chandelier > $147.00 Flush Mount, Nine Lights

Look at this chic, glamorous, stylish chandelier! Illuminate your entryway, foyer, dining room or any other area of your home with this gorgeous beauty. The frame of the plate is

Vintage Tiffany Glass Chandelier > $540.00 Stained Glass Shades, Nine Lights

This is the most stunning chandelier you have ever possessed! It is made according to the best Tiffany tradition. The lamp hanger is bronze zinc alloy. The length of hanging

Modern Bronze Linear Chandelier > $326.00 Glass Shades, Three Lights

This lighting fixture is simple, super attractive and easy to install. It embraces both elegancy and the classic simplicity of traditional style and the minimalism of the modern style. It

Antique Black Glass Chandelier > $96.00 Gipsy Design, Five Lights

This beautiful chandelier is made of high quality products without any harmful substances. Clear acrylic crystals hang from each light bulb base. The cable is adjustable and is 59 inches

Antique Gold Mini Chandelier > $135.14 Glass Crystals, One Light

This refined mini chandelier will become a great addition to your hall, foyer, entryway, locker room and a closet. Or you can decorate the nursery, adding noble and chic notes

Antique Glass Bronze Chandelier > $588.00 Twig Design, Nine Lights

This beautiful chandelier has a very complex and exiting construction. There are many leaves, little blue crystal flowers, flower-like holders, thin twigs that are eager to reach the ceiling. This

Modern Chrome Chandelier > $133.50 Floating Glass Bubbles, Seven Lights

This beautiful crystal chandelier is an excellent choice for any room, any place your heart desires it to illuminate! The chandelier base is made of iron. There are 24 long

Modern Metal Glass Chandelier > $105.00 Flush Mount, Four Lights

With a very unique square shape, this lovely chandelier features a glass composition atop gorgeous chrome-finished iron. This chandelier is a perfect addition to Modern, High-Tech, Contemporary, Minimalism, Functionalism style

Vintage Linear Black Chandelier > $209.99 Water Pipe Design, Eight Lights

This simple yet austere chandelier is made from metal and painted in black color. It requires eight light bulbs, but they are not included into the package, so make sure

Antique Steel Bronze Chandelier > $274.86 Orb Chandelier, Four Lights

Want to feel the spirit of the old days with brave knights and pretty princesses? With the castles and its tall dark towers? Want to feel yourself in a fairy

Wood and Metal Chandelier > $199.99 Vintage Style, Six Lights

This vintage chandelier creates a cozy, warm and inviting atmosphere that is so important in any home. This old-fashioned chandelier has its charm. This chandelier looks as if it passed

Modern Crystal Chandelier > $69.99 Ball Rain Drop, Three Lights

This beautiful chandelier is trimmed with Empress Crystal. This beautiful crystal chandelier is an excellent choice for your foyer, dining room, living room and more! This crystal chandelier is a

Vintage Black Steel Chandelier > $848.00 Rustic Ebony Finish, Ten Lights

This lovely chandelier has simple straight line frame finished in rustic ebony. It emits warmth and beauty due to its candle shades. These shades are carved out of solid stone

Antique Glass Chandelier > $144.71 Copper Finish, Three LIghts

This chandelier contains metal elements finished with copper and clear glass, which resembles an old lantern. The perfect place to be hung would be in a hall, foyer, entryway, locker