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Cheap Wrought Iron Crystal Chandelier > $79 Vintage style, One light

1-bulb Wrought Iron Crystal Chandelier

This magnificent chandelier is of a Great European Tradition. Nothing is quite as elegant as the fine chandeliers that have accompanied the beautiful evening receptions in the palaces and manor houses across Europe. This beautiful chandelier from the Versailles Collection has 1 light bulb and is decorated and draped with crystals. The frame is made of Wrought Iron, adding the final addition to a wonderful fixture. The timeless elegance of this chandelier is sure to lend a special atmosphere anywhere it’s placed! The small sizes of this crystal chandelier allow to be placed in any room what you like: a dining room, kitchen, living room, bedroom, guest room or somewhere else, it depends on your imagination. Our designers suggest that the best place for it will be a boudoir of a lady. This chandelier can be a perfect present for your wife, mother or daughter. Its pureness and elegance can leave a message about the owner of this chandelier to everyone, who pays attention. It is also suitable for your closet, in case you have enough room or even your bathroom, if the overall style matches. This mini crystal chandelier provides not a lot of light but it is sufficient for a small space. Its lighting is charming and bright. Due to its small sizes you can install it easily without any assistance.

Latest Price $79

Chandelier Specifications

JAC D’LIGHTS5.8 pounds14 x 11 x 14 inchesCrystalCrystal1Adjustable

Review quotes of real buyers

“It only took my daughter and I about 45 minutes to put together. I took one reviewers advise and turned the chandelier upside down and put the crystals on that way. I have a newly renovated all white kitchen and this chandelier was perfect to hang above my sink. The crystals are glass and not plastic. I’m really happy !”

“So beautiful, it fitted the purpose so well….”

“I love this! It is a great buy and it looks amazing!”

“Perfect size for my bathroom. Its looks fabulous hanging over my clawfoot slipper tub! I have a dimmer switch, so I can bathe without being blinded!”

“Beautiful, crystals sparkle well in the sun, somewhat simple but took a long time to put together.”

“Light is just the right size for my shabby chic sewing room! The crystals were a little time consuming to put on but not hard.”

“I loved it!! it looks great in my petite bathroom, just gives the exact chic/vintage look I was looking for, the instructions for ensambling were clear”

“Romantic lighting for the bedroom. I truly like it though it was a bit difficult putting it together.
I would recommend it for those wanting a shabby chic atmosphere.”

“The chandelier is very cute. It is perfect for a kids room.”

“t’s the perfect size for a regular sized bedroom. It’s beautiful and your eyes get drawn to it immediately. It’s just lovely without being too over-the-top. I HIGHLY recommend this chandelier to anyone wanting to add a litte touch of elegance to any room.”

“Cutest chandelier EVER! It’s hanging in my closet. My closet isn’t huge, but this lighting option fits perfectly.”

“it is the most adorable perfect finishing touch to my Mothers bedroom. Everyone says they can’t believe we got it from Amazon. My mother loves to go into her bedroom and see it hanging.”

“This is a very nice chandelier especially for the great price. I have not put the light bulb in it yet, but all of the crystals are on it!! I’m going to put it over my freestanding bathtub!!!”

“Beautiful and small! Great for my bathroom!”

“I hung these in my bedroom for bedside lights. They are very pretty. They might be a little “girly” for a man, but they would look beautiful in any room.”

“I love this little chandelier. It was easy to assemble (about 40 minutes) and looks wonderful in my piano room. It arrived quickly and in perfect condition.”

“Perfect..little chandelier..just enough sparkle& bling!..Lil difficult to put up..but not that bad. Worth the price. Eldest daughter loves it in her bedroom.”

“Perfect and very nice. A bit time consuming to hang all of the crystals but totally worth it! It just made the room! Buy it!”

“The chandelier is real cute. I put the crystals on it, I had no problems.My son in law hung it in the bathroom. I love it !”

“Love it!…Perfect little glam for my dressing room…a bit time consuming to put together but so worth it.”

“I put this chandelier in my bathroom. I just love it!
It is perfect for the smaller space.”

“It is beautiful! very shabby chic”

Pictures of Cheap Wrought Iron Crystal Chandelier > $79 Vintage style, One light in different interiors

1-bulb Wrought Iron Crystal Chandelier
1-bulb Wrought Iron Crystal Chandelier
1-bulb Wrought Iron Crystal Chandelier

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