DIY Chandeliers

8 Outdoor DIY Chandelier Ideas

8 Outdoor DIY Chandelier Ideas 8 outdoor DIY chandelier ideas

These creative outdoor lighting ideas are very cheap and easy to brighten up your backyard.

Cupcake lights


What you need:

  • String of lights
  • X-Acto knife
  • cupcake liners (1 for each bulb)

What you do:

Step 1. Using an X-Acto knife, cut “X” in the bottom of each cupcake liner.

Step 2. If you’re going to use a string of lights with small bulbs just push the bulb through the X inside the cupcake holder.

Step 3. If there are big bulbs, remove each bulb from the socket, put on the liner and put the bulb back on.

Similar lights may be made with birthday hats.

Tin сan lanterns

What you need:

  • recycled tin cans
  • hammer
  • nail
  • bailing wire
  • pliers
  • spray paint
  • tea light candle

What you do:

Step 1. Remove labels and glue from the cans. Fill the cans with water and put them in the freezer till the water is solid ice. (That will prevent our can from losing its shape on the next stages).

Step 2. Take a frozen can. Using the hammer and nail, make a hole near the top edge of the can. Make another hole right on the opposite side of the can. These holes are needed for the future handles.

Step 3. Using the hammer and nail, punch out the design of the can.

Step 4. Let the ice melt and dry the can out.

Step 5. Turn the can over and, using the hammer,  level the bulged can bottom.

Step 6. Cut a strip of bailing wire and curve its end to hook the top side hole.

Step 7.  Twist the hook around to secure it.  Repeat with the second edge of the wire. You’ve just made a handle!

Step 8. Paint your can and its handle.

Hanging Tea Lights

Just hang tea lights from a tree with colorful ribbons.

Mason jar solar lights

You can use this tutorial, but with a coloured paper, a newspaper or a tissue paper.

Wine glass candle chandeliers

Seashell Lighting

String shells on the garland or use them as a base for candles.

Wrap a decorative ribbon around a hula hoop, then wrap in icicle lights and you have the hanging lights

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