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Antique Black Crystal Chandelier > $125.26 Wrought Iron, Five Lights

Antique Black Crystal Chandelier Antique Black Crystal Chandelier

This beautiful chandelier is trimmed with Empress Crystal. This wrought iron lighting fixture of Great European Tradition brings a special atmosphere of modernity, elegance, freshness, and the most important thing in every house, coziness. It reminds us about the kings, knights and taverns where they used iron richly. But the crystals add some charm and splendor of the medieval. Nothing is quite as elegant as the fine crystal chandeliers that gave sparkle to brilliant evenings at palaces and manor houses across Europe. This beautiful chandelier has 5 lights and is decorated and draped with 100% crystal that capture and reflect the light of the candle bulbs. The frame is Wrought Iron, adding the finishing touch to a wonderful fixture. The timeless elegance of this chandelier is sure to lend a special atmosphere anywhere it’s placed! The manufactures highly recommend installing this wonderful chandelier in a dining room, kitchen and living room, bedroom or guest room. It is also perfect for the fancy restaurants and even pubs, that need to have a special ambiance. This crystal chandelier is a perfect addiction to any décor and highlights an exquisite taste of its owner. This item comes with 14 feet of chain! You can choose any length. Its installation can take some time and your patience, but it is absolutely worth the effort. Everyone will be overwhelmed and, more important thing, you will be happy!

Latest Price $125.26

Chandelier Specifications

Gallery21 x 27 inchesWrought Iron, CrystalPainted5Up

Review quotes of real buyers

“We spray painted this chandelier white and hung it outside. My husband wired it into existing wiring and it gives a beautiful glow to our backyard. Very, very cool!!”

“I bought both the white and black chandelier, and I like the black one better because it kept the classy look up close and didn’t look cheap when it was all put together. It was difficult to put together like everyone has mentioned, but it’s definitely manageable though. Happy I bought it none the less.”

“Lovely and beautiful chandelier. This chandelier had to be completely assembled and wired by a professional electrian. The assembly was easy and the electrician had no problem wiring it. It looks fantastic hanging in my dining room.”

“Love them!”

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