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Antique Black Glass Chandelier > $96.00 Gipsy Design, Five Lights

Antique Black Glass Chandelier Antique Black Glass Chandelier

This beautiful chandelier is made of high quality products without any harmful substances. Clear acrylic crystals hang from each light bulb base. The cable is adjustable and is 59 inches long. Words can’t adequately express how you will be satisfied with not only the quality of this fixture, but with the clever packaging as well. It is absolutely delightful, well made and graceful. It’s very nice for the areas where you want add some sparkling. This chandelier can beautify with its baroque grace even the smallest room in your house. In any room where you hang it, you can feel the atmosphere of a European vintage style. Five light bulbs are enough to produce an efficient amount of light. Setting this chandelier at home you add a delightful touch of elegance. Keep in mind that this lighting fixture is hard-wired and requires professional installation.

Latest Price $96.00

Chandelier Specifications

Silly5.6 pounds12.9 x 11.8 x 11.3 inchesGlassBlack5Up

Review quotes of real buyers

“This is a cute addition to any room; as long as it requires a small and quaint chandelier. It works well with my bedroom theme. I recommend both the item and seller.”

“Beautiful chandelier! I was thrilled to receive it quickly. It looked exactly the same way the pics looked online. Love it”

“This chandelier is more beautiful in person. My daughter loves it! The color of the room shines through the chandelier!”

“I love my new chandelier! It looks so great in my room. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone.”

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