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Antique Crystal Black Chandelier > $444.70 Thirteen Lights

Antique Crystal Black Chandelier Antique Crystal Black Chandelier

The classy and elegant chandelier will be perfect for your cottage home. It brings a special atmosphere of glamour, vintage and chic anywhere it is placed. Its black colour goes along even with a particularly stylish interior. This chandelier will be the top zest in the interior. Nothing but elegance – this is the motto of this item. This black chandelier is perfect for a large hall, dining room, kitchen, living room, bedroom, guest room and more. Be patient and take some time while assembling it all together because the result is definitely worth your effort. The timeless elegance of this chandelier is felt in its black crystals. This crystal chandelier has thirteen candle light bulbs; its illumination is spectacular, splendid and quite bright. It brightens up every room and every corner. Recommendations from happy owners of this lovely chandelier will convince you to purchase it. Don’t miss your chance!

Latest Price $444.70

Chandelier Specifications

Gallery30 x 28 inchesCrystalCrystal13Up

Review quotes of real buyers

“Love it! All the pieces came perfect, the seller contact me to know if everything was fine and if I need any help, defenitly recomended”

“Beautiful when put together. It’s a real beauty.”

“Gorgeous Beautiful Classy n’ Elegant all the above rolled into one chandelier. The seller Gallery Lighting cannot do enough to help make your purchase a dream. if you’re thinking to order lighting from Gallery Lighting “DO NOT HESTITATE”MaryAnn, Florida”

“i love the black crystal chandlier as i said in my preious report.
addtionally i did get in contact with the manufacturer and he was extremely helpful.
Gallery did suggest some people use a less unigue chain and cover with cloth chain covers but i dislike the cloth covers.
Great job! Danielle at Gallery for your extremely quick rsposnse helping me with my issue.
Many thanks n’ Apreciation
if i could give a 10… I would!”

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