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Antique Crystal Chandelier > $111.84 Black Lampshades, Five Lights

Antique Crystal Chandelier Antique Crystal Chandelier

This hanging fixture features a crystal glass and black lampshades. This chandelier is a great product. This gothic beauty requires assembly which might seem a time-consuming job, but be patient because the result is going to worth it! Besides, the fact that it comes in pieces allows you to attach as many heart-shaped pink crystals as you wish. The crystal tube arms are decorated with 100% crystals which capture and reflect the light very beautifully. This splendid chandelier can be installed in the major rooms of the house, making them look more glamorous and luxurious. Five candle bulbs are hidden under the black lampshades, so keep in mind that it will consume some amount of the light. We suggest you to prepare 60 watt LED bulbs, so that your chandelier provides adequate lighting. Please, note. This chandelier is hardwired only. Be a happy owner of this crystal chandelier and complete your décor with the elegance, read the comments of other happy owners!

Latest Price $111.84

Chandelier Specifications

Gallery25 x 24 x 25 inchesCrystalCrystal5Up

Review quotes of real buyers

“Gallery is a class act company for customer service. They provided very efficient service. Light is nice for the money but mostly glass.”

“I could not be happier! This looks like a thousand dollar Chandelier!”

“Very good quality can’t go wrong love it!”

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