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Antique Crystal Chandelier > $156.59 Pink Shades, Five Lights

Antique Crystal Chandelier Antique Crystal Chandelier

This hanging fixture features a pink finish and crystal glass. The chandelier is a great product. It includes two sets of crystals: white teardrops and pink hearts. This princess beauty requires assembly which might seem a time-consuming job, but be patient because the result is going to worth it! Besides, the fact that it comes in pieces allows you to attach as many heart-shaped pink crystals as you wish. The crystals and curved glass tubes make the look more exquisite. This splendid chandelier can be installed in the major rooms of the house, making them look more glamorous, but it will be perfect for your kids, especially for your little girl’s room. Five candle bulbs will brighten the room up and will set the residents of the room into the good mood. Be a happy owner of this crystal chandelier and complete your décor with the elegance, read the comments of other happy owners!

Latest Price $156.59

Chandelier Specifications

Gallery25 x 24 x 25 inchesCrystalPink5Up

Review quotes of real buyers

“We bought this chandelier for our 6 year old daughter for Christmas – she loves it and we love it too! What a great look at a great price. We paired it with the Westinghouse 77028 medallion – looks fantastic!”

“I am very pleased with this item thank you!!!!”

“Put it in my 6 year old daughters room! It took a while to put together but not hard! Gives off plenty of light! My husband is an electrician so he put it up right away! My daughter and I love it!!”

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