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Antique Crystal Chandelier > $831.10 Swarovski Crystals, Sixteen Lights

Antique Crystal Chandelier Antique Crystal Chandelier

This chandelier is a breathtaking site to look at. When the sun light hits it you will see the little rainbow looking spots all around your living space. Every clear morning you will greet with a multitude of rainbows cast by the crystals. By the way, the crystals are Swarovski, so you will buy great quality clear crystals that sparkle just awesome. Twelve candle bulbs situated on a scalloped bob ache will make sure you have plenty of light to enjoy. The chandelier requires assembly, so have patience, read the instructions and put this gorgeous beauty together so your friends and neighbors will envy you. The included chain is six feet long, however you may order so many additional chains as you need. Add a timeless finesse of it to your home by hanging it whenever you want: in a foyer or a dining room. Recommendations of happy owners of this lovely chandelier will convince you to purchase it.

Latest Price $831.10

Chandelier Specifications

Gallery38 x 37 inchesCrystalCrystal16Up

Review quotes of real buyers

“My wife liked it so much we ordered another to match. Excellent customer service both by email and phone. Wonderful people to deal with. The chandeliers are beautiful both lit and unlit. We have several others but these are by far the nicest looking.”

“I’m giving this a 5 star rating because it looks great, and customer service was top notch (thanks Daniel!). We ordered it for our foyer. My electrician put the frame and wiring together, but my wife and I did the crystals. Customer service is EXCELLENT. As soon as we needed something, they would send out a replacement, sometimes arriving the very next day. No bickering, no questions, just top notch service. We even needed extra chain which they sent at no charge.”

“Chandelier is beautiful. We get lots of compliments. To get a similar chandelier from a store, or even used; you’ll pay SEVERAL times the price. I even found an exact match on consignment at a lighting store for THREE times the money! We liked the chandelier so much, we bought another one for the dining room. And we’re thinking about another for the master bath.”

“The quality of the crystals, totally great.”

“This purchase is worth the price. Five stars for sure. Customer service and support provided by the seller is also unbeatable. They were available by email and by phone. We will be definitely purchasing additional items.”

“Absolutely breathtaking! The crystals are great quality! I was a little hesitant about splurging on the Swarovski model, but it was definitely worth the price. I have 12 ft. ceilings in my ladies’ parlor and the size/scale of this chandelier is perfect! It was fun to freestyle during the hanging process– really made it my own and feels one-of-a-kind. Looking forward to ordering more in the near future!”

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