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Antique Crystal Chandelier > $96.64 Yellow Shades, Four Lights

Antique Crystal Chandelier Antique Crystal Chandelier

The saturated yellow color will make the chandelier sound loud! The crystals are 100% glass. You will receive a set of spare crystals and even spare lampshades. You won’t find anything better for such a low price! You will need to assemble this chandelier, so be patient because the result is going to worth it. The shades clip onto the lights which will allow you using standard incandescent bulbs. They will provide enough light for any small room. The manufactures highly recommend this chandelier to be installed in your daughter’s room, thus she will be feel like a real princess. Due to the modest dimensions it would perfectly match even to the closet-room. But of course it’s for you to decide where to hang this beauty. You can install it easily without any help of a professional.

Latest Price $96.64

Chandelier Specifications

Gallery17 x 17 x 17 inchesGlassCrystal4Up

Review quotes of real buyers

“Wow! A real crystal chandelier for this price???? Some of the pendants are blemished, but not something you would notice from lamp-viewing distance. It is really beautiful, was packed for shipment well, and arrived quickly. I love it!”

“Let me just start off by saying that I’m extremely pleased with this chandelier. For the price I couldn’t imagine finding anything better. Now, you will need to build this thing, that will take some time, but it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. The bulbs are E12, but most LED candle bulbs are fatter and taller than standard bulbs. Went with some 200 lumen E12 LED bulbs from Ikea and they fit fine. Also, 4 200 lumen bulbs is bright enough for the small room we’ve put this in (100 square feet).”

“We bought this chandelier for our baby’s nursery. It’s the perfect size and looks gorgeous with a 16″ ceiling medallion. Yes, it comes in pieces, but these days what lighting does not (just takes a little more assembly than lighting from HD). We are intermediate DIY’s but still had an electrician install, but could be done yourself, with some help. I would recommend for the price and look.”

“Gorgeous chandelier. Could not be happier.”

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