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Antique European Crystal Chandelier > $343.50 Swarovski Crystal, Twelve Lights

Antique European Crystal Chandelier Antique European Crystal Chandelier

This stunning chandelier has a total of twelve alternating lights. There are six lights on the bottom tier and six on the top tier. The bottom tier lights are just farther apart. This lighting fixture is not difficult to install but you may need some time and patience to assemble all the Swarovski crystals together. This chandelier captivates at first sight. It is decorated with 100% crystal that capture and reflect the light of the candle bulbs, each resting in a scalloped bob ache. The elegance, that this chandelier has, obeys neither time nor morals. This chandelier will look great in any room and will suit to a person of any age. You can buy it for yourself or buy as a gift to someone else. This is a classic in its literal manifestation, so you shouldn’t worry that someone wouldn’t like it. It illuminates the room very beautifully and brightly with its aristocratic shine. With this chandelier you can feel the atmosphere of an European royal castle in the room. It looks a lot more expensive in person.

Latest Price $343.50

Chandelier Specifications

Gallery38 x 32 x 38 inchesCrystalChrome12Up

Review quotes of real buyers

“If you want a crystal chandelier and under $400 is your budget – great buy!! If you’d be happy with something without all the crystal, that’s another story. Also, my husband put in 60W frosted bulbs, waaaay too bright so i made him buy 40w plus installed a dimmer switch.”

“My Mother always told me that you “get what you pay for.” This was a great buy for its size/number of lights and the fact that the crystals are Swarovski; however, the product was made in China, but one cannot deny how beautiful it looks when being lit up.”

“This chandelier is beautiful and looks very similar to much more expensive alternatives. I needed a longer chain for hanging and this was sent immediately without charge. You do need some patience to assemble but the diagram was easy to follow and I would not have been able to afford it otherwise.”

“It’s gorgeous. I am proud it’s my masterpiece I assembled it myself man!!”

“Beautiful product. And the seller was absolutely fantastic to work with. I would absolutely recommend this seller and the products to anyone.”

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