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Antique Glass Shades Chandelier > $590.00 Antique Pewter, Nine Lights

Antique Glass Shades Chandelier Antique Glass Shades Chandelier

This classy looking chandelier will brighten up and add coziness to any casual décor. It is well made from metal with curly ends. It adds the magnificent delicacy to the whole image of the room. The white marble glass shades with an antique pewter finishing produce a warm and soft light. If you want you can install a dimmer switch and enjoy beautiful color when the chandelier is on. This magnificent lighting fixture looks very whimsical and your family and guests will feel themselves in a tale! The chandelier is easy to assemble and install. Your neighbors will appraise your exquisite taste and will want to know where this beauty came from. The price is totally fare since it is a sturdy and elegant fixture. This chandelier not only illuminates the room but also decorates it. Create a special romantic and cozy atmosphere with this lovely chandelier.

Latest Price $590.00

Chandelier Specifications

Vaxcel 35 pounds 30.1 x 30.1 x 31 inches Glass Antique 9 Up
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Review quotes of real buyers

“Fantastic light fixture! Easy to assemble and install
Great purchase!”

“Love, love, love”

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