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Antique Gold Chandelier > $353.20 French Empire Crystals, Six Ligths

Antique Gold Chandelier Antique Gold Chandelier

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a king or a queen? Nowadays you can take a chance and plunge into the royal atmosphere with this extremely luxurious chandelier. It will grant you the feeling of living in a castle or a grand palace, of visiting and throwing dancing parties. It has six bulbs and they’re so bright that they will illuminate even the darkest corners of the room. Made from clear crystals from top to bottom it will reflect the light in so many ways and directions that you may forget that it’s evening or night. It can be flush mounted or hung upon the chain. It’s going to be perfect for an entryway or foyer, and may be installed in any other room of your living space! With this marvelous chandelier you’ll have a real opportunity to illustrate the upper classes of our world. And you don’t want to miss it!

Latest Price $353.20

Chandelier Specifications

Gallery23 x 18 inchesCrystalGold6Down

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“All my family,friends and I love looks wooooooooow.”

“Very nice and very good price cheapest I found”

“Beautiful product”

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