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Antique Gold Chandelier > $599.00 Clear Crystals, Ten Lights

Antique Gold Chandelier Antique Gold Chandelier

Bring the spring right under your roof! Combining the timeless elegance and modern construction this feminine chandelier will provide you with the feeling of light joy and romance. Finished with gold it looks like the truly luxurious lighting fixture which will become a focal point of every room and even home in general! The crystal parts are assembled in such a way that the chandelier looks like a gentle tree or a beautiful magic flower with crystal petals. The crystals are made from European clear glass, so they provide an exquisite reflection and shining. In addition the ten light bulbs will ensure that even the darkest corners of the room are super light and radiant. This lighting fixture is a great addition to your bedroom, kitchen, living room, dining room or a guest room. It will bring a finess and a lot of compliments!

Latest Price $599.00

Chandelier Specifications

Joshua Marshal Home Collection 30 x 28 inches Crystal Gold 10
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Review quotes of real buyers

“This light is exquisite. The picture does it no justice. So easy to assemble. Packaged perfectly. Customer service was the best. I’ll definitely buy from this company again.!”

“More beautiful than I expected! The installation electrician was impressed too! Definitely a high quality find!”

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