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Antique Gold Mini Chandelier > $135.14 Glass Crystals, One Light

Antique Gold Mini Chandelier Antique Gold Mini Chandelier

This refined mini chandelier will become a great addition to your hall, foyer, entryway, locker room and a closet. Or you can decorate the nursery, adding noble and chic notes at the same time. The metal body of the chandelier is very sturdy so as the metal orbs from top to bottom. The crown, decorated with acorn leaves and finished in antique gold, brings the spirit of nature, of the beautiful autumn with its colors right under your roof. This crown and the orbs are the base for the glass crystals. Each of them is attached to the metal parts of this lighting fixture. The crystals create a shape of a cone with a big crystal ball as its finishing note. All the crystals catch and reflect the light from the bulb hiding inside the chandelier. This reflection produces so much radiance that you will enjoy a lot of beautiful atmospheric rainbows on the walls and the ceiling of your living space. An on/off switch & swag kit with hard-wire option are also included. Create a special ambiance with this unique chandelier.

Latest Price $135.14

Chandelier Specifications

Elements7 pounds13 x 12 x 12 inchesGlass, CrystalAntique1Down

Review quotes of real buyers

“The chandelier is somewhat smaller than I expected but still lovely.”

“This chandelier was used within a birdcage to make a birdcage chandelier for my dining room. Well packaged, although two of the metal pieces at the top did not quite make it with all of the handling we did. In the end it did not matter to me because it was covered within the birdcage. It gives off more than sufficient lighting, beautiful display on the ceiling & I could not have been happier with the product. Highly recommend!!”

“A very elegant piece. I love love love it!”

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