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Antique Iron Bronze Chandelier > $368.00 Glass Shades, Five Lights

Antique Iron Bronze Chandelier Antique Iron Bronze Chandelier

Enjoy the Mediterranean style of this elegant chandelier! When put on a dimmer switch, soft glass vanilla shades resemble the old-fashioned gas lights of the Victorian era. It is just very, very refined and timeless, and the glass fittings have etchings that resemble a Victorian fleu-de-lis. These etchings on the bronze portion look very expensive as if it was all hand carved and then fired. You may want to add the amber, which give of a very soft, non-glaring glow, but still provide the necessary light to see. The chandelier shoulders and lampshades are very heavy, very substantial, and there is even more engraving under the light fixtures. Oil rubbed bronze adds extra grandeur to the chandelier and therefore to the atmosphere. Due to the simple construction you can install this beauty easily and all by yourself. This magnificent chandelier will collect lots of truly great compliments. By acquiring this remarkable lighting fixture, you will make the right choice in favor of quality and style.

Latest Price $368.00

Chandelier Specifications

Maxim Lighting25 pounds26 x 27 x 26 inchesIronOil Rubbed Bronze5Up

Review quotes of real buyers

“We purchased this chandelier to go in our front entryway…looks very classy and gorgeous hanging in the space! 🙂 Looks just like the picture! We are very pleased with our purchase!”

“I purchased three of these Maxim Symphony light fixtures in oil rubbed bronze to replace the builders package shiny brass fixtures that were in the home when we bought it. I did some research on line and installed this light myself. I replaced a 3 light fixture with a 5 light fixture that hangs over the breakfast table in our kitchen. The table is a 44 inch round and the light is perfectly sized.”

“Boy, is this a gorgeous fixture! We have this over our kitchen table, along with the matching lights over the island. SO beautiful – you wouldn’t believe the compliments we’ve received on these fixtures. In addition, these are not cheapo light fixtures you find at the local big box stores. I have these combined with can lights too and it’s nice to have a softer light as an option. Just cannot say enough good about these fixtures. Highly recommend!”

“Beautiful light for an affordable price.”

“Have had several compliments on this product.”

“It’s an attractive light which completely justifies its cost.”

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