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Antique Iron Mini Chandelier > $99.00 Floral Decoration, Strings of Crystals

Antique Iron Mini Chandelier Antique Iron Mini Chandelier

Bring the piece of refined luxury of Europe right to your living space! This stylish chandelier is made from wrought iron, which means it will serve a long life. Its white colour adds a finishing touch to the elegance of any style. Floral decoration can become a nice jewel in your little girl’s room, adding even more fancy notes! Dressed with the string of crystals, it help to produce more light by catching and reflecting the light casted by four light bulbs. These four light bulbs are designed to look like candles and they bring that important feeling of coziness to any room. Despite the small size of the chandelier, the bulbs produce a sufficient amount of light to brighten up the room. You will have to assemble the crystal parts, but it is an easy task and you will be able to manage it yourself. To polish off the look you can additionally purchase a medallion for around the ceiling.

Latest Price $99.00

Chandelier Specifications

Discount Dean6.8 pounds10 x 10 x 14 inchesCrystal4Up

Review quotes of real buyers

“Installed by a professional without any difficulty. All the dangles were packaged separately and labeled well. I even received a couple extra. Attaching took some patience but was not difficult. Looks great in my girly bathroom.”

“The chandelier arrived and looks beautiful hanging in our nursery. Thank you for the quick delivery and great customer service.”

“Perfect addition to my daughters room. So charming!!!”


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