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Antique Locker Crystal Chandelier > $99 Three Bulbs, Silver Finish

Antique locker chandelier

This chandelier is like a quite small version of a large antique vintage chandelier. It approaches to a mini size and also can be easily installed even in your closet! You can arrange an elegant lighting in your wardrobe. This chandelier is also perfect for the nursery, for the kitchen or for your bathroom. Elegance of silver and shimmering of limpid crystals won’t leave anyone indifferent. And everyone who sees this little one, will admire it for a long time. All crystals are situated at different levels (contains crystals of 2 sizes: small are in the middle and large are in the top/bottom), so from a distance it may seem that this is like some kind of an accumulation of beautiful and sparkling raindrops. It includes 3 outputs for light bulbs. This quantity will be enough for you to illuminate a small room or pantry.

Latest Price $99

Chandelier Specifications

JAC D’LIGHTS12.4 pounds14.4 x 14.1 x 7.2 inchesCrystalCrystal3Uplight

Review quotes of real buyers

“This fixture is gorgeous. I can’t believe how good it looks for the price. It casts the most beautiful light patterns around the room, and looks classic, with just a little modern edge. It takes 3 chandelier bulbs–I bought the round globe type bulbs and it looks great.”

“This is pretty amazing. I bought it for my walk in closet to glam it up a bit and it is beautiful. It was very easy for my husband to wire in, and the assembly was really no big deal. ”

“I love love this. it is very pretty and I love it in my bedroom . I took a picture of it and put it out there for everyone to see because I love it soooo much . ”

“After much debate, I decided to purchase this little chandelier for my entryway. I wanted something that was not too over the top, but gave the entry a more formal and classy feel. This product delivered on the job. It’s just right for an entry, a bathroom or a bedroom. ”

“It looks amazing, and I spent the first day just looking at the sparkly glow it leaves on the wall. I could not be more happy with this purchase. For the price I think you get a lot of sparkle.”

“The chandelier arrived quickly & was packaged great. It’s small but stunning!! I would definitely buy it again. The crystals are large & sparkly. My husband had no problem hanging it.”

“Stunning!!!!! Beautiful chandelier! Perfect for a small bedroom. We have low ceiling so we cut the chain shorter. We installed the light fixture first and then put all the crystals on one by one. It was well packed, so nothing was broken or missing! We highly recommended this product.”

“The crystals were solid, beautiful and sparkled like crazy. Once put together and hung, it was more amazing & beautiful & it was very elegant for its size and its price. My husband was also even was impressed by it.”

Pictures of Antique Locker Crystal Chandelier > $99 Three Bulbs, Silver Finish in different interiors

Antique locker chandelier – mini, cheap silver and crystal
Antique locker chandelier – mini, cheap silver and crystal
Antique locker chandelier – mini, cheap silver and crystal

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