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Antique Smoked Acrylic Chandelier > $75.88 Ceiling Fixture with Acrylic Prisms

Antique Smoked Acrylic Chandelier

Your guests and visitors would simply say, “WOW to this chandelier the moment it catches the eye. And this is what the chandelier is made for – catching ones eye. This traditional 4 light smoked acrylic chandelier is perfect as a general lighting piece in a dining room, entry hall, living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. It features acrylic prisms with chrome accents and uses four 60-watt capacity bulbs. This wonderful chandelier is a perfect addition to any décor. Your room will look like one of those in a palace or castle of Medieval Europe. This beautiful chandelier will bring elegance, freshness and coziness into your house. Everyone will love such a gorgeous chandelier and you’ll be happy to receive thousands of compliments on it from your guests. Its installation can take your precious time and patience, but the result is definitely worth all your great efforts. By the way this beautiful chandelier is surprisingly cheap and looks gorgeous and elegant at the same time, so we are sure you can afford it and make your home a special place to live or your working place – a special place to work. You can use it in the interior of classic restaurant, cloth, souvenir shop – it would look original and sophisticated. This chandelier definitely has style.

Latest Price $75.88

Chandelier Specifications

Park Madison Lighting 3.3 pounds 21.8 x 21.8 x 23 inches Acrylic Smoke 4 Uplight
  • Chandelier Rating

Review quotes of real buyers

“Not going to lie i was nervous about purchasing this chandelier without even seeing it face to face! it came out so beautifully! The directions were clear and easy to understand. Any girl would love it!”

“Love the chandeliers. I used the lamps to decor my wedding and made the venue super chic, vintange and romantic”

“Great chandelier. Looks as if crystals are real and not acrylic”

“This light is exactly what I wanted for my bedroom”

“I love it! I would recommend it of you’re wanting a chandelier but a cheap price looks great”

“Beautiful lighting . great price”

“i normally dont purchase things i have to put together but i’ve always wanted a chandelier. i spent three hours putting it together and electrician installed. its so worth it and looks beautiful in my living room. i’m ordering another for my hall.”

“Such a beautiful piece, when I first opened the box it looked so cheap, but as soon as it was assembled it is such a stunning chandelier. I love it. can’t stop looking at it, so worth it. vEry happy with my purchase.»

“Love it !!!! Put it in my stores dressing room to give it a more classical vibe. And get many compliments when they see it. Very good product for the price.”

“Absolutely love them in my salon they add a very sophisticated look to my salon.”

“Looks just like the $1000 + one I bought from Restoration Hardware. Beautiful!”

“Looks great!!!
Comes with lots and lots of pieces but it worth it.”

“Looks fabulous in my daughter’s room, and so very easy to install!”

“Excellent! Very pleased with purchase!”

“Adorable chandelier for a great price.v”

Pictures of Antique Smoked Acrylic Chandelier > $75.88 Ceiling Fixture with Acrylic Prisms in different interiors

Antique Smoked Acrylic Chandelier

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