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Antique Steel Chandelier > $469.99 Cage Shape, Six Lights

Antique Steel Chandelier Antique Steel Chandelier

The comfortable design of this lovely cage like chandelier makes your home warm, cozy and inviting. The open feel of the cage like structure adds visual interest and the candelabra lights release a soft and cozy glow for a touch of romance. It adds an artistic note to any room. This wonderful chandelier is the perfect solution for a smaller room or lower ceiling that needs a statement lighting piece. Also this chandelier is a perfect addition to any décor either classic or modern styles. This chandelier is better to hang in a dining room, kitchen, guest room, living room but you can also hang it outdoor to add some charm to your backyard. This chandelier requires 6 light bulbs, so it provides a sufficient amount of light to illuminate the darkest corner of your room. This chandelier is made of high quality materials so this chandelier will illuminate and decorate your room for many years. This chandelier won’t disappoint you!

Latest Price $469.99

Chandelier Specifications

Quoizel 18 pounds 30 x 28 x 17 inches Steel Antique 6 Up
  • Chandelier Rating

Review quotes of real buyers

“This chandelier is hanging in my dining room. It is positively amazing!”

“This chandelier is everything I expected. It has the shape of something more elegant, but the birdcage construction and the antiqued finish(which is more expensive looking than I anticipated)gives it a rustic feel. It fills the space, but you can see through it. The pictures don’t do it justice. Don’t forget to order bulbs to go with it!
I would buy this again.
I can’t wait to have people over for brunch to show it off.”

“Beautiful. Love it!!”

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