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Antique Swarovski Crystal Chandelier > $274.95 Gold Finish, Ten Lights

Antique Swarovski Crystal Chandelier Antique Swarovski Crystal Chandelier

Add chic, glamour, elegance and expressiveness to your home with this gorgeous crystal chandelier. It features big crystal balls, is finished in chrome and its gold color is a finishing touch of chic to the whole fixture. This chandelier is a great addition to any décor: from classic to modern. Designers recommend to install this chandelier in a dining room, kitchen or living room to make your eating experience a real pleasure. This chandelier is made of 100% crystals that capture and reflect the light from candle bulbs. This crystal chandelier requires 10 light bulbs; it releases a lot of light to illuminate the entire room and its darkest corners. Attaching the crystals can take your time and patience but the result is definitely worth any effort. Besides the price of this crystal chandelier is affordable and the lighting fixture itself looks extremely gorgeous. Do not miss your chance and make yourself happier and purchase this beautiful crystal chandelier. This wonderful crystal chandelier will not disappoint you!

Latest Price $274.95

Chandelier Specifications

Joshua Marshal Home Collection 19″ wide and 23″ tall Crystal Chrome 10 Up/Down
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Review quotes of real buyers

“I love love this. it is very pretty and I love it in my bedroom . I took a picture of it and put it out there for everyone to see because I love it soooo much. ”

“Fits well in my dining room”


“very nice”

“It looks amazing, and I spent the first day just looking at the sparkly glow it leaves on the wall. I could not be more happy with this purchase. For the price I think you get a lot of sparkle.”

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