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Antique Swarovski Crystal Chandelier > $516.73 Elegant, Two Tiers

Antique Swarovski Crystal Chandelier Antique Swarovski Crystal Chandelier

This truly majestic, stunning and potent chandelier can easily decorate any room with it’s chic and elegant image. It holds so many bulbs! Therefore, this chandelier produces an incredibly huge light amount. Each bulb stands advantageous on its own and plays in the ensemble together with the rest of the bulbs. But at the same time, two tiers of lights on this beautiful chandelier look laconically, organically, as a perfect harmony and absolutely amazing assembly. There are so many crystals that it seems that you can never count them. They are everywhere: on all sides, on the top and a particularly large amount in the bottom. All crystals have different sizes. Therefore, the light is reflected from each one in its own special way. It seems as if a real waterfall of crystals begins right on your ceiling! This is an amazing and indescribable spectacle that you can see with your own eyes by purchasing this chandelier.

Latest Price $516.73

Chandelier Specifications

GalleryH30″ X W28″CrystalCrystal

Review quotes of real buyers

“I am SO impressed with this seller’s customer service! They have been amazing with everything!”

“this chandelier is beautiful and worth the price. But the best of this transaction was the customer service. Cracked items and a socket were promptly replaced with no questions asked. The best customer service experience I have ever had. I will look at this company for all my lighting needs in the future.”

“This is an amazing piece of art for an incredible price. It is hanging in the lobby of our rental office and is getting a lot of compliments every day. The customer service couldn’t be any better. ”

“The Gallery makes it to its most important task serve their customers. I was missing a part and they delivered it right away afetr they made sure waht I was missing exactly what I found not only customer friendly but also very professional. 5 stars without any question and I will definitely buy again from this seller.”

“This chandelier is a great buy! Didn’t take long to recieve it. Everything was well packaged. Customer service followed up with an email to make sure everything arrived OK. ”

“This chandelier is absolutely breathtaking, *once you finally get it put together* All in all, a breathtakingly beautiful piece for a great price.”

“Customer service of Gallery Lightning has been the best that i have received. Thanks a lot for the awesome service. I have finished to install the lamp. And looks as beatiful as i want. I recomend 100%.”

“The Swarovski shines so beautiful with rainbows. Be patient to put it up, took me have a day, but when is done and lights up you forget and don’t mind how long it took. It hangs beautiful in my dinning room from a 12 feet ceiling. I highly recomend it . In other words this chandelier is great for the price and beauty.”

Pictures of Antique Swarovski Crystal Chandelier > $516.73 Elegant, Two Tiers in different interiors

Antique Swarovski Crystal Chandelier
Antique Swarovski Crystal Chandelier

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