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Antique Tea Stone Glass Chandelier > $190.00 Glass Shades, Four Lights

Antique Tea Stone Glass Chandelier Antique Tea Stone Glass Chandelier

This classy looking chandelier will brighten up and add coziness to any casual décor. It is well made from metal – it looks as if the chandelier sleeves were tight together. This along with curly ends adds the magnificent delicacy to the whole image of this chandelier. The tea stone glass shades with a rubbed bronze finish produce a warm and soft light. If you want you can install a dimmer switch and enjoy beautiful color when the chandelier is on. Since it is mini, we advise you to but it for smaller rooms or use a couple of them for a larger one. In fact, if you need a mini chandelier for the insides of your house, this iron chandelier will illuminate greatly with enough amount of light your wardrobe or nursery. It can also be used as a very nice night lump. Being the light fitting of a transitional style it won’t upset the balance of neither the traditional setting of your home nor modern. Your neighbors will appraise your exquisite taste and will want to know where this beauty came from.

Latest Price $190.00

Chandelier Specifications

Golden Lighting10 pounds20 x 20 x 19 inchesGlassBronze4Up

Review quotes of real buyers

“Excellent fixture for the price. I is relatively small, so I would not recommend it if you are going to install it in a large area. I am very satisfied with this purchase as it met my specific needs.”

“This mini chandelier is perfect in my dining room … it is lightweight and was not a big deal to install. Very classy looking and it is made well. The lamp shades are a beautiful color when lit and especially when using a dimmer switch. I am absolutely thrilled with this purchase! I highly recommend this chandelier, especially when normal size chandeliers are just too big.”

“This chandelier looks great but I wish I had ordered the larger one… otherwise it is beautiful and just as it looks here.”

Pictures of Antique Tea Stone Glass Chandelier > $190.00 Glass Shades, Four Lights in different interiors

Antique Tea Stone Glass Chandelier

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