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Antique Wrought Iron Chandelier > $209.37 Yellow Shades, Nine Lights

Antique Wrought Iron Chandelier Antique Wrought Iron Chandelier

Perfectly designed, this antique chandelier embodies the aesthetic features of contemporary artistry. This model is made from wrought iron with the beautiful curves of the hands. The dark drown frame and glass shades blend work in tandem with contemporary architectural design, while its nine incandescent lights easily provide crisp and soft illumination to any room. This lovely chandelier is perfect for a dining room, kitchen, living room, bedroom, guest room. You can rest assured that this model is sturdy and durable. It will be a perfect addiction to any décor, especially if you have some wooden elements in your interior. You can assemble and install this chandelier easily. Plus you can do everything by yourself without a special help of an electrician. Create a special atmosphere of coziness in your home. Make a better place to live and you will become much happier! Recommendations of happy owners of this lovely chandelier will convince you to purchase it.

Latest Price $209.37

Chandelier Specifications

Gallery30 x 28 inchesWrought Iron9Up

Review quotes of real buyers

“Beautiful! Love this. Went together much easier than the foyer version. 1 broken globe due to poor packaging, but customer service is fabulous. They ship replacement parts right away.”

“Absolutely gorgeous! It transformed our dining room.”

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