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Antique Wrought Iron Crystal Chandelier > $169 Black Finish, 5 Lights

Antique Wrought Iron Crystal Chandelier

This chandelier is vintage, but at the same time it looks modern and stylish. This beautiful chandelier is trimmed with Empress Crystal. This beautiful chandelier is of a Great European Tradition. Nothing is quite as elegant as the fine crystal chandeliers that gave sparkle to brilliant evenings at palaces and manor houses across Europe. This one-tier version from the Majesty Collection has 6 lights and is decorated and draped with 100% crystals that capture and reflect the light of the candle bulbs. The timeless elegance of this chandelier is sure to lend a special atmosphere anywhere it’s placed! This item comes with 18 inches of chain so you can adjust it to your preference. It will be perfect for a dining room, kitchen, bedroom, or guest room, every room acquires a special chic of a palace or castle. Its installation will take some time, but it is absolutely worth it! Are you ready to be a happy owner of this crystal chandelier and thus obtain a truly magic atmosphere that follows the acquisition of this item? Then read the feedbacks of the happy owners to finally convenience you.

Latest Price $169

Chandelier Specifications

Gallery12.6 pounds19 x 19 x 18 inchesCrystalCrystal6Uplight

Review quotes of real buyers

“I was looking for a Chandelier that didn’t look like it should belong to my grandmother and that wasn’t over the top! This piece fits the bill perfectly. I get compliments all the time and love the way it makes the room feel!”

“Love my beautiful chandelier!! Looks amazing in my boutique! Everyone who comes in compliments the chandelier. I couldn’t be happier!”

“I absolutely LOVE this chandelier! The price is so great for that you get in return. Yes, it does take some time to assemble and hang the crystals. But that’s ok! For this price and for how beautiful it looks- I would do it again!”

“Absolutely gorgeous! It took about 2 hours to put together and 1 1/2 hours to hang the crystals but it was definitely worth it! It was the perfect finish to my dining room!”

“Very high quality chandelier delivered quickly. Looks fantastic. A great replacement for a very ugly, outdated ceiling fan. Highly recommended”

“This was the perfect chandelier to complete a french inspired bedroom. It is fantastic! There were more than enough crystals and very high quality.”

“My friends all have LOVED this when they come over and are completely amazed that I put the whole thing together. Make sure you take your time, don’t stress, it’s very doable. For the price, I would recommend it over and over again.”

“This chandelier is beautiful, but a big pain in the neck to assemble. Take your time.. its worth it in the end. We put it in our kitchen / family room over a long wood table. Brings the room together nicely. Great price, too”

“I am so happy I decided to purchase this item. It is gorgeous! It did take a bit to put together but I love a challenge. It is well worth the time and effort it takes to assemble.”

“This chandelier is beautiful. I get many compliments on it. People always think it’s Potterybarn when they first see it!”

Pictures of Antique Wrought Iron Crystal Chandelier > $169 Black Finish, 5 Lights in different interiors

Antique Wrought Iron Crystal Chandelier

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