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Black Mini Chandelier > $114.97 Bathroom, Locker or Foyer, 3-light

Black Mini Crystal Chandelier

This small stylish chandelier fits to any room. For example: a nursery, bathroom, living room, hall, lounge, kitchen or even a laundry room. If you hang several of these items in a wide room, you can create an atmosphere of a ball in a large hall of European palace. This chandelier with the help of its image can keep together all the details of your interior. It will create an integral, indivisible and very classy image of your room. Black crystals look stern and they seemed to say that there is nothing superfluous, just pure sophisticated style. This chandelier combines very advantageous minimalism and the luxury magnificence at the same time. It is not the least bit inferior in its splendor than any other large chandelier. A set of light bulbs of 25 watt each is attached. These bulbs are bright enough. However, if you desire, they can be replaced by the different ones.

Latest Price $114.97

Chandelier Specifications

Tadpoles 13h x 7.5w inches Black 3 Uplight
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Review quotes of real buyers

“We put the chandelier in the baby nursery and everyone who enters first comment on how much they love the it! It does add a beautiful flair to the room. I’m very happy with this purchase.”

– “I got this specifically for my tiny laundry room. I love doing laundry and I thought my little room deserved a tiara of sorts. This one is just right.”

– “ I ordred 2 to hang over our nightstands – they were in perfect condision (no marks on either of them). They came with 25-watt bulbs already installed, and these are BRIGHT. ”

– “This is fit for a child’s room or playroom. It gives off great light and does actually sparkle. I love it and my daughter was so excited when she saw it hanging in her room. It’s a great buy at a great price.”

– “I bought this for my little grand niece for her first birthday, it is perfect for a little girls room, or over a bathtub. Affordable, and so pretty!”

– “I love chandeliers and gaudy things! They are absolutely gorgeous to me! It came packaged very nicely and neatly – easy to assemble on my own. Actually bigger and better quality than I thought it was going to be. The lights are actually pretty bright.”

– “This is a very charming light fixture. It is very feminine and perfect for a small entryway in my mother’s home. It is hard to find small, swag light fixtures and this was the perfect amount of light for her dark entryway. It just works depending on your decor.”

– “This is a real cute chandelier. In any event, the chandelier size is small and good for small space like over a bed where you do not want a big lighting fixture. It was an easy installation and to have the option of both hard wired as well as plug in gives versatility. I would definitely recommend.”

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