Pink Faux Crystal Chandelier > $47.44 Three Lights, Glamour and Chic

This chandelier of Traditional style is a beautiful mini chandelier for your little girl’s room. This lovely chandelier has glass and acrylic beads and dangles. This pink chandelier is a

Vintage Small Pink Chandelier > $98.50 Gypsy, Fuchsia, 6 Lights

This beautiful chandelier is made of high quality acrylic, metal, glass, and durable resin. Brilliant acrylic pink crystals hang from each light bulb base. It has a ling chain that

Antique Smoked Acrylic Chandelier > $75.88 Ceiling Fixture with Acrylic Prisms

Your guests and visitors would simply say, “WOW to this chandelier the moment it catches the eye. And this is what the chandelier is made for – catching ones eye.

Pink Sapphire Three Bulb Chandelier > $50 Glass and Acrylic Beads

The Chandelier set is composed of glass and acrylic beads and dangles. Three 25 watt candelabra bu pound are used and are included into the set. Hang either with cord