Antique Crystal Chandelier > $320.95 Elegant, Sparkling, Gorgeous

This chandelier has wide gold finish with combination of Swarovski spectra crystal strands and European crystal. Add chic, glamour, elegance and expressiveness to your home with this gorgeous crystal chandelier.

Modern Brass Cheap Chandelier > $89.99 White Fabric Shades, Three Lights

This beautiful chandelier was made according to the very fine traditions of Italian craftsmanship. This product is of high quality and is aimed to please even the most discerning of

Classic Brass Chandelier > $19.99 Nautical, Five Lights

This interesting chandelier is brutal and elegant at the same time! The design of this metal fixture is unique and splendid. It has 5 bell shades and it comes with

Vintage Linear Steel Chandelier > $837.99 Weathered Brass, Three Lights

This vintage hanging island pendant adds a special vintage feel to any room. It is made from steel and has a weathered brass finish. This chandelier is dimmable, allowing you

Vintage Clear Crystal Chandelier > $330.00 Drum Shade, Three Lights

This is a mini chandelier with clear crystal accents and a silver silk fabric shade. This chandelier enhances the elegance of any room with this drum shade and crystals. Delicate

Vintage Olde Bronze Chandelier > $359.91 Six Lights

A high quality chandelier for a fair price. This chandelier will bring a special atmosphere of a French bourgeoisie right under your roof. Its fine elegant olde bronze arms hold

Vintage Style Polished Brush Chandelier > $158.04 Five Lights

This vintage chandelier has delicate arms, decorative center column that creates a special accent. Plus this lovely chandelier has polished brass optional shades. This vintage chandelier combines traditional design with

Tiffany Antique Rose Chandelier > $300.00 Glass Vintage, 1 Light

This is an unusual chandelier that will be a great decoration of your room, ven though the whole interior is simple and moderate. With a bronze chain, you can adjust

Antique Gold Large Chandelier > $90.00 Brass Finish, 10 Lights

This chandelier looks as if it was removed from the ceiling of the 19th century castle. It looks very expensive, because it has a brass finish and stunning gold color.

Vintage Gold Large Chandelier > $159.00 Swarovski Crystal, 6 Lights

This peerless chandelier is decorated with bright crystals. It retains all the best European traditions. Lots of crystals could fill the room of any size with the starry glow. These

Traditional Metal Brass Chandelier > $591.80 Oil Rubbed Bronze, Five Lights

This stunning chandelier is a perfect note of decor for your dining room, living room or a bedroom. It combines many beautiful and refined yet strong and prominent details to

Cottage Antique Crystal Chandelier > $797.00 Brass Finish, Twenty-four Lights

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a king or a queen? Nowadays you can take a chance and plunge into the royal atmosphere with this extremely luxurious