Vintage Glass Chandelier > $129.00 Antique Bronze Finish, Three Lights

This lovely chandelier is simple and vertical in form. Its design is inspired by classic Shaker design. It is made from metal and glass, and is finished in antique bronze.

Modern Rectangular Crystal Chandelier > $499.99 Silver Finish, Six Lights

This stunning rectangular chandelier will fill your home with a completely new atmosphere. Its base is made from metal, ensuring the durability and secure installation. You will also find ten

Antique Lantern Metal Chandelier > $139.00 Unique Design, Four Lights

The comfortable design of this lovely chest like chandelier makes your home warm, cozy and inviting. The glass walls of this chest like structure adds visual interest and the candelabra

Modern Silver Mini Chandelier > $149.90 Square Crystal, Two Lights

This exquisite modern chandelier will become a square jewel of your living space. The manufacturers suggest hanging it at your living room, dining room, foyer, bedroom, hallway and office. Its

Modern Silver Crystal Chandelier > $128.00 Iron Base, Three Lights

This stunning linear chandelier will fill your home with a completely new atmosphere. Its base made from iron, ensuring the durability and secure installation. Once the chandelier hangs, it’s time

Modern Linear Crystal Chandelier > $330.00 Rain Drop Design, Nine Lights

This chandelier is absolutely breathtaking. You will need to assemble the strings with crystals together, but the result is totally going to worth it. The big crystal balls hang in

Modern Glass Chandelier > $139.19 Aged Bronze, Four Lights

The classy designed chandelier will make your home warm, cozy and inviting. It looks like hanging aquarium with some alien cube inside of it. The structure of this hanging lighting

Modern Metal Glass Chandelier > $105.00 Flush Mount, Four Lights

With a very unique square shape, this lovely chandelier features a glass composition atop gorgeous chrome-finished iron. This chandelier is a perfect addition to Modern, High-Tech, Contemporary, Minimalism, Functionalism style

Contemporary Crystal Chandelier > $196.00 Square Shape, Four Lights

Brighten up your living place with this elegant square crystal chandelier. This chandelier is made from metal, is finished in chrome and enriched with numerous crystals. The chandelier is meant

Modern Art Glass Chandelier > $715.56 Charcoal Finish, Six Lights

Add a modern centerpiece to your home with the Designers Fountain six-light chandelier. This sturdy fixture has strong lines and a charcoal finish. Six art glass shades disperse inviting illumination.

Modern Crystal Chandelier > $69.99 Ball Rain Drop, Three Lights

This beautiful chandelier is trimmed with Empress Crystal. This beautiful crystal chandelier is an excellent choice for your foyer, dining room, living room and more! This crystal chandelier is a

Modern Steel Chandelier > $678.00 Unique Design, Four Lights

This chandelier has unusual and unique appeal. It is made of steel, has brushed nickel finish with tiffany art glass shades and two rings, one of which holds lampshades, another

Modern Clear Crystal Chandelier > $105.00 Elegant, Sparkling, Stylish

Create a romantic and splendid ambiance in your living space with this extra gorgeous chandelier. This crystal chandelier has a unique design, clear crystals, and an iron base. The crystals

Modern Clear Crystal Chandelier > $389.90 Rectangular Shape, Ten Lights

This beautiful modern crystal chandelier will bring a special atmosphere of glamour, chic, elegance, modernity and, the most important thing in every home, coziness. This elegant chandelier is made of

Modern Rectangle Crystal Chandelier > $384.00 Elegant, Graceful, Sparkling

This crystal chandelier of a great European Tradition will bring a special atmosphere of chic, glamour, elegance into your house. The chandeliers of this type we could meet only in