Antique Metal Chandelier > $340.00 Brushed Nickel, Nine Lights

This beautiful chandelier has a complex and exiting construction. The sleeves are long, slim and curved. Be patient, because you will need to put them together. This lovely lighting fixture

Antique Nickel Crystal Chandelier > $199.99 Swag Design, Four Lights

This delicate chandelier is going to be perfect for kid’s room, bedrooms and hallway because they are small living areas and you don’t want a chandelier to be gaudy or

Antique Brushed Nickel Chandelier > $485.28 Etched Glass Shades, Nine Lights

This dazzling chandelier represents antique décor style. It has ten feet of chain which enables to decide upon the height needed. This fixture is finished with brushed nickel, making it

Modern Steel Nickel Chandelier > $225.13 White Glass Shades, Five Lights

This modern glass and steel chandelier renovates contemporary forms with straight simple lines. Straight steel arms securely support glass white shades. This lovely chandelier is a perfect complement to High-Tech,

Modern Glass Chandelier > $69.99 White Glass Shades, Three Lights

This beautiful chandelier is made of high-quality materials so this lighting fixture is durable. This chandelier is finished in bronze. It has simple lines, slender curved arms that hold lovely

Modern Glass Chandelier > $613.80 Clear Glass Cylinders, Six Lights

If you are looking for something simple and gorgeous at the same time, then this chandelier is an ideal selection for anyone looking to bring a casual touch to their

Modern Steel Chandelier > $678.00 Unique Design, Four Lights

This chandelier has unusual and unique appeal. It is made of steel, has brushed nickel finish with tiffany art glass shades and two rings, one of which holds lampshades, another

Modern Glass Chandelier > $210.15 Etched Glass, Three Lights

This lovely chandelier will become a great purchase for your home. The brushed nickel finish makes its body with arching rectangular arms look even more refined. This lighting fixture requires

Modern Clear Glass Chandelier > $250.80 Brushed Nickel Finish, Three Lights

This lovely chandelier will become a great purchase for your home. It is perfect for today and tomorrow. The brushed nickel makes its body with solid arms look even more

Vintage Silver Chandelier > $207.72 Eight Lights

This chandelier looks as if it was removed from the ceiling of the 19th century castle. It looks very expensive, because it has a nickel finish and stunning silver color.

Modern Glass Linear Chandelier > $184.14 White Glass Shades, Three Lights

This modern chandelier has clean, simple lines; the design provides a timeless, clean feel that’s capable of matching any decor. This lovely chandelier is simple, modern and gorgeous at the

Modern Glass Chandelier > $335.99 Brushed Nickel, Five Lights

This lovely chandelier possesses elegant, fluid lines, a classic feel, and a striking, contemporary design, all these elements add a sense of artistic grace and grandeur to any room. This

Modern Glass Chandelier > $196.00 Etched Glass Shades, Three Lights

This chandelier will be perfect for your foyer, hall, entryway with high ceilings and above a table in your dining room as well. Its clean and simple style adds a

Modern Brushed Nickel Chandelier > $172.71 Etched Glass Shades, Five Lights

This chandelier is very elegant and modern, the great choice for today and tomorrow. This lovely chandelier possesses a smart simplicity to complement any home. Etched glass shades add some

Vintage Brushed Nickel Glass Chandelier > $159.80 Elegant, Tender, Stylish

This chandelier has a solid base in a brushed nickel finish and slender curved arms that hold five lovely glass shades. This vintage chandelier can blend with any décor, but