Modern Nickel Chandelier > $130.00 Ameswood Glass Shade, Five Lights

This sophisticated chandelier is made according to the very best standards of the modern chandeliers. It has a very nice interesting shape and texture. This chandelier will bring the modernity

Modern Glass Nickel Chandelier > $605.98 White Shades, Five Lights

Look at this interesting whimsical wonder! This lighting fixture is luxurious, super attractive and easy to install. The main body of this chandelier looks like the string of giant glass

Modern Metal White Chandelier > $92.71 Spray-painted, Five Lights

This appealing chandelier will become a true bargain once you buy it. Made from metal, it is spray-painted with satin nickel finish, making it look more subtle and elegant. The

Modern Crystal Chandelier > $614.23 Polished Chrome, Eight Lights

This chandelier perfectly combines some vintage features with modern design and this is the main distinguishing feature of this chandelier. This chandelier is finished in polished chrome and its extra

Modern Brushed Nickel Glass Chandelier > $359.99 Frosted Glass, 5 Lights

This extremely lovely chandelier is simple and elegant at the same time! The design of this glass chandelier is unique and splendid, has 5 glass shades, looks modern and very

Modern Polished Nickel Glass Chandelier > $289.99 Four Glass Shades, Four Lights

Update your room with this beautiful modern glass chandelier. This modern glass chandelier is a perfect addition to minimalism, modern, high-tech or functionalism styles. You can hang this lovely glass

Modern Brushed Nickel Chandelier > $157.59 White Frosted Glass, 3 Lights

This chandelier looks very cool and expensive. It’s made with white frosted glass that is a perfect solution to any decor, especially to the room which has some cold colors

Modern Satin Nickel Chandelier > $350.00 White Frosted Glass, 5 Lights

This chandelier is very elegant and refined. The main body and the branches are made in nickel finish. Its plafonds are made of white frosted glass. They have a very

Modern Style Metal Chandelier > $214.99 Five Lights

This chandelier distinguishing feature is a design, that refers to the ages of the Da Vinci golden section and represent the unique system of ideally-shaped objects as the center of

Antique Brushed Nickel Steel Chandelier > $112.86 White Finish

Your room will acquire a special charm with this lovely steel chandelier. This antique brushed nickel chandelier has decorative slender arms that add a specific accent. Its design will blend

Modern Silver Satin Nickel Chandelier > $45.17 Frosted Glass, 3 Lights

This wonderful chandelier will perfectly fit to any decor, especially if it is in cold tones. It has a very reasonable price, so everybody can afford to have it in

Modern White Opal Glass Chandelier > $199.99 Silver Color, 6 Lights

This modern glass chandelier is made with white opal glass and also has curved branches on which smooth cylindrical plafonds are arranged. This extremely lovely chandelier combines casual with a

Transitional Mini Chrome Chandelier > $142.20 Iron, Three Light

This elegant chandelier is exactly what you need to decorate your outdoor space. It will cast some light into your backyard using three light bulbs hidden inside the tulip-shaped ice

Modern White Metal Chandelier > $139.00 Two Drum Shades, Three Lights

The contemporary chandelier looks very elegant owing to its fabric white inner shade and outer polished nickel shade. These shades provide a very easy access to the light bulbs. The

Modern Wood Satin Nickel Chandelier > $309.49 Vanilla Shades, Four Lights

This lighting fixture is sturdy, attractive and easy to install. The white inset piece at the bottom of each vanilla shade hides the bulbs, so that when you look up