Modern Silver Crystal Chandelier > $126.00 Flush Mount, Six Lights

Look at this chic, glamorous, stylish chandelier! Illuminate your entryway, foyer, dining room or bathroom, guest room or living room and any other area of your home with this gorgeous

Modern Silver Mini Chandelier > $149.90 Square Crystal, Two Lights

This exquisite modern chandelier will become a square jewel of your living space. The manufacturers suggest hanging it at your living room, dining room, foyer, bedroom, hallway and office. Its

Modern Silver Crystal Chandelier > $128.00 Iron Base, Three Lights

This stunning linear chandelier will fill your home with a completely new atmosphere. Its base made from iron, ensuring the durability and secure installation. Once the chandelier hangs, it’s time

Modern Crystal Silver Chandelier > $149.00 Rain Drop, Five Lights

This extraordinary chandelier will fit to any room. Teardrop crystals dangle not very low, so there are more places where it can fit. The crystals form some kind of a

Modern Silver Crystal Chandelier > $231.74 Rain Drop Design, Six Lights

This beautiful chandelier is trimmed with Empress Crystal of high quality. This beautiful crystal chandelier is an excellent choice for your bedroom, dining room, living room and even more! The

Modern Glass Chandelier > $298.00 Silver Finish, Five Lights

This chandelier has silver finish and lovely white glass shades. It features delicate lines, nicely curved arms that hold five beautiful lampshades. The construction of this chandelier is solid so

Modern Glass Chandelier > $359.00 Drum Shade, Three Lights

This lovely chandelier will add elegance to your décor with its iron finish, glass shade and decorative lines. Create a cozy and warm atmosphere with this beautiful chandelier. This chandelier

Modern Glass Chandelier > $364.50 Drum Shade, Four Lights

This chandelier certainly will add style and warmth with its unique design and silver finish with white drum glass shade. This drum shade provides a very easy access to the

Vintage Silver Chandelier > $207.72 Eight Lights

This chandelier looks as if it was removed from the ceiling of the 19th century castle. It looks very expensive, because it has a nickel finish and stunning silver color.

Vintage Clear Glass Chandelier > $355.95 Silver Finish, Three Lights

This chandelier has exquisite design. This lovely chandelier is a sophisticated combination of clear crystal glass and a classic silver finish. Crystal accents match with each shade, while detailed arms

Modern Silver Crystal Chandelier > $699.99 Elegant, Unique, Exquisite

Add elegance, splendor, chic, glamour and style to your home decor with this gorgeous chandelier. This crystal chandelier features a cascade of crystal in round and diamond shapes. The inner

Vintage Silver Crystal Chandelier > $89.00 Sparkling Crystals, One Light

If you’re looking for a lovely mini crystal chandelier to bring sparkle to a small space, this one will do the trick. This dainty but beautiful mini crystal chandelier is

Silver Round Crystal Chandelier > $157.74 Four Lights, Drum Shade

This simple and elegant chandelier features a silver finish on classic lines and white shade. This beautiful chandelier is draped in crystals. Add a special atmosphere of elegance, glamour, modernity,

Vintage Style Crystal Chandelier > $103.79 Silver Color, Drum Shade

This beautiful chandelier is trimmed with Empress Crystal. This crystal chandelier of a Great European Tradition will bring a special atmosphere of chic, glamour, elegance into your house. Nothing is

Vintage Drum Shade Crystal Chandelier > $162.98 Silver Color, 4 Lights

Chrome finish with transparent bright crystals permit to obtain some lightness and even weightlessness for the whole structure. It seems as if a crystal cloud flies into your room. This