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Chrome Crystal Candelier > $447.87 Modern Style, 20 Lights

Chrome Crystal Candelier Chrome Crystal Candelier

This stunning chandelier looks very unusual and super modern. The design of this stunning chandelier is unique, your guests and roommates will love it and notice an exquisite taste of its host. This chandelier has its own mystery and intrigue. All branches with bulbs and crystals seemed to be confused and intertwined, but in fact it is a brilliant designer’s idea. You can install this beautiful chandelier wherever you want: in small or in larger rooms like hall, foyer, entryway, dining room, living room and even in the bathroom! The design of this chandelier fits to any decor: modern, old-fashioned, high-tech or vintage. This chandelier is versatile and it can be enjoyable either to children or to the elderly. The crystals at the bottom are very movable. With a slight gently breeze that swaying them, these ones are creating a sound of a crystal trill. You will never have any regrets choosing this chandelier!

Latest Price $447.87

Chandelier Specifications

Dainolite 7 pounds 24 x 24 x 24 inches Metal, Crystal Polished Chrome 20
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Review quotes of real buyers

“I bought the 18″ semi-flush version of this fixture for our master bedroom. It is gorgeous! The electrician had no problem installing it. Likewise, it couldn’t have been easier to hang the crystals.”

“What I love about this fixture is it looks phenomenal during the day and just as phenomenal when it’s lit up at night. I put it on a dimmer switch and WOW!! It’s my favorite light fixture in the house.”

“Recently purchased the Firefly fixture for my dining room. It looks beautiful with all of the crystals assembled.”

“Gorgeous. Great addition to my remodeled bathroom. It took the bathroom design to the next level.”

“Absolutely beautiful. I did not count the cristals before and I think I am short of more than one but I am very happy with it.”

“Great light, lighting is not very bright- it won’t fully light up a large room but it looks beautiful.”

“Beautiful, quality light fixture. Absolutely easy to hang, adjust height and assemble. I also installed their recommended low voltage dimmer, Lutron- 300watt Model SELV-300P (single pull) or they recommend SELV-303P (3 way).”

Pictures of Chrome Crystal Candelier > $447.87 Modern Style, 20 Lights in different interiors

Chrome Crystal Candelier
Chrome Crystal Candelier
Chrome Crystal Candelier
Chrome Crystal Candelier

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