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Contemporary White Crystal Chandelier > $137.94 Drum Shade, Six Lights

Contemporary White Crystal Chandelier Contemporary White Crystal Chandelier

This beautiful, airy, white chandelier with 39 crystals is the perfect centerpiece to soften things up a bit. It is a bit delicate with the white transparent thread shade and the crystals hang a little precariously on kind of light weight metal rings. You will have to put the crystals all together on yourself but it’s going to worth your effort. The shade should provide an easy access to the bulbs, but you may need to take it off to replace the bulb. You can also use a ceiling plate to finish the look and make the entire chandelier appearance look complete. This lighting fixture is very fashionable, it will make your home look chic and glamorous. But it doesn’t present anything superfluous or pretentious. At the same time somewhat classic texture helps it to integrate into any interior. You won’t find the chandelier like that at your neighbors’ home. You won’t regret buying it. And, what is more, you cannot beat the price on this lovely piece of work!

Latest Price $137.94

Chandelier Specifications

Warehouse of Tiffany11.3 pounds18.5 x 18.5 x 19.7 inchesCrystalChrome6Up

Review quotes of real buyers

“It is very pretty once hung. We are using it for a cottage/house on lake in the livingroom. I was not going to hang crystals (thought would be too fancy), but the electrician put it all together & hung. The organza shade and style seems to make everyone say “wow” I love that chandelier… It IS very pretty from a distance”

“That’s really beautiful!”

“I bought this to hang in my living room. We are decorating with a “Scandanavian Winter” theme: grey walls, an open beam ceiling with paint one shade lighter grey than the walls, a brick fireplace painted one shade darker than the walls, and white woodwork, and natural finish hardwood floors. It’s all kind of stark. We love this chandelier, and everyone who walks in comments on it right away. The crystals were nicely wrapped individually to protect them during shipping. Seeing as how all it’s going to do is hang on the ceiling, I think it will survive for many years as long as I remember to dust it lightly before anything gets caked on.”

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