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Country Steel Orb Chandelier > $179.95 Rope Wrapping, Four Lights

Country Steel Orb Chandelier Country Steel Orb Chandelier

This enchanting chandelier will bring a nautical atmosphere to your living place. Its crossing orbs wrapped in brown burlap rope may remind you of Galileo times and pirates and dig ships cleaving the water. Be careful, because this fixture can take you mind far back in time, inspiring you to create and enjoy the light all night long. Made from steel, it will become a perfect addition to your cottage or a country house. However you can always decorate any room of your apartment as well: whether it’s going to be a kitchen or a living room, dining room or, even better, a bedroom. Although, you may want to bring other people some happiness by hanging it in a guest room. Your lodgers will appreciate this beautiful chandelier at its true value. The four candelabra bulbs will brighten up and make elegant any place you choose. Mix your routine with refined notes of Country Rustic Style.

Latest Price $179.95

Chandelier Specifications

A&B Home 6.2 pounds 24 x 24 x 26 inches Steel Brown Burlap Rope 4 Up
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Review quotes of real buyers

“Beautiful chandelier. Makes quite a statement hanging over dining table. Very pleased with the purchase.”

“I LOVE it!”

“Great luxury chandelier.”

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