DIY Chandeliers

DIY Bubble Chandelier Tutorial

DIY Bubble Chandelier Tutorial DIY Bubble Chandelier Tutorial

Bubble chandelier was originally created by Jean Pelle in 2009. Since then it has spread and nowadays is extremely popular when people are deciding on the interior design of their living space. There’s no doubt this beauty will attract everyone’s attention in any room since it looks airy and sophisticated.

Of course, you can always go and buy one, but it will cost you a lot of money and will deprive you of all the fun and pleasure from making the bubble chandelier with your own hands.

To create such a chandelier you will need:


  • 12 glass balls (it’s common to use CB2 bubble spheres, 4 inches each. But we encourage you to get creative and replace some of the 4 inches with 6 inches so that your chandelier would acquire a special appeal).

  • 3 clear globe light bulbs
  • 3 light sockets with cords

  • 6 feet cotton parcel-post string, 1/16-inch thickness
  • 24 feet cotton parcel-post string, 1/8-inch thickness
  • 12 clear 1/8-inch-thick plastic rods, cut into 2-foot lengths (wooden skewers would also work)
  • Extension cord
  • Electrical tape
  • Ceiling anchor and eye screw (optional)



  • Scissors
  • Pliers
  • Wire stripper
  • Utility knife

What do you do:

Step 1. Prepare the bubbles.

Cut 1/16”-thick string into six equal pieces. Tie the string to the plastic rod and secure it with a couple of knots. Insert the rod to the bubble ball so it could hang. Repeat the procedure with each bubble.

Step 2. Bring together bubbles into the clusters.

Place each light bulb into the bubble, attach the sockets. Each of these bubbles with a bulb is going to be a center for each cluster. Tie four strings of empty bubbles (those without the light bulbs inside) to the wire of the main bubble (one with socket and a light bulb). Twist the strings around the wire to make a single cable. Assemble two more clusters by repeating this procedure.

Step 3. Secure the cable.

Cut 1/8”-thick cotton string into three equal pieces. Take one piece, tie a knot right above the socket and wind it round the cable making all the way up, until the cable is fully wrapped. Finish securing by making a knot at the top.

Step 4. Bring all the clusters together.

Start by tying knots on individual strings, so when you bring them together they will attach to each other securely. Then interlace all the three strings into one. Don’t forget to tie the ends.

Step 5. Extend the cord.

Expose 1” of the extension cord head. Twist the three positive (they are usually black) socket wires together and attach them to the black wire of the extension cord. Secure the connection with the tape. Repeat the same with the neutral (white) wires. After that, secure both connections with the tape, assembling them together into one cable.

Step 6. Finish and hang the chandelier.

Coil the string around the cable from the bottom to the desired height on top. Make a small chink in the middle of the cable, pass individual strings through and tie them to the back side of the cable. Cover these ties over by small knots of the braided string.

Then attach the anchor and eye screw to the ceiling and hang your chandelier.

Enjoy the magic of the sight of the perfect glass spheres lighting your room.

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