DIY Chandeliers

DIY Mason Jar Chandelier Tutorial – How to Make a Homemade Chandelier

DIY Mason Jar Chandelier

If you want a lighting fixture that won’t cost you an arm, try to make your our own! With some creativity and basic handy-man skills why not build your own chandelier made from mason jars. Even under a tight budget, you can make this and add a personal touch in your dining or living room.

To make this chandelier you will need:

Step 1

Find a good plank of wood. This will be mounted on your ceiling and will be the place where you will have your chandelier lights suspended. You can use an old shelf or just purchase one.

Step 2

Take off the lid and draw a circle (like the diameter of the socket) on the back of it. You need to take off the cup, attach to the lid surface and outline the inner hole.

Step 3

Drill holes in a circle as close as possible to each other.

Step 4

Press out the center. You need to push from outside to inside. Or make additional cuts with knife.

Step 5

Put the socket into the hole and fix it with cup.

Step 6

Screw the lid on the jar. Repeat these 6 steps with the other four banks.

Now you have all the elements to create an original pendant construction.

Remember: specialists should do further installation of your chandelier.

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