DIY Chandeliers

DIY Outdoor Bottle Chandeliers

DIY Outdoor Bottle Chandeliers DIY Outdoor Bottle Chandeliers

Don’t rush to throw the beer and wine bottles away after finishing your drink, because they can decorate your back yard in a way you’ve never imagined.

The following tutorials will breathe a new life into the bottles.

Beer/Wine Bottle Christmas Lights

This one is very easy to make.

What you need:

  1. Bottles
  2. Christmas lights

What you do:

Simply stuff Christmas lights down in each bottle.

Easy and beautiful.

Wine Bottle Torch

(This DIY idea comes from Erik Anderson of gerardot & co.)

This is a highly creative and absolutely inexpensive way to add some ambience to your outdoor space. What is more it’s a great method to recycle and care about nature.

Safety note: since this tutorial includes working with a wick, this is for outdoor use only.

What you need:

  • Material:

  1. An empty bottle (you a free to use any bottle you want as long as its glass and neck is 1” in diameter).
  2. Teflon tape
  3. Copper top plate connector
  4. 1” Split ring hanger
  5. Copper coupling
  6. Copper cap
  7. Two hex nuts
  8. Two #10 x 1” zinc plated wood screws (if your mounting it to wood)
  9. Zinc plated threaded rod
  10. Replacement Wick
  11. Torch Fuel (for safety use only fuel made for outdoor torches)
  • Tools:
  1. Channellocks
  2. Adjustable wrench
  3. Hacksaw
  4. Power screwdriver
  5. Funnel

What to do:

#1 – installing the hanger

  1. Decide where you’re going to hang your torch. Take a top plate connector, position it to the decided place and mark the dots for the screw holes.
  2. Mount the top plate and, using channellocks, screw in the threaded rod till it sits tight.
  3. String two hex nuts onto the rod. One of them should be screwed tightly all the way forward to the plate connector. Leave another hex nut at the other end of the rod.
  4. Next, thread on the split ring hanger tightly on the rod, and then snug the closest to you hex nut up to the split ring (turn it counter-clockwise a couple times).

#2 – equipping the bottle

  1. Wrap the coupling with a Teflon tape several times, until the coupling fits and holds tightly in the opening of your bottle. Be careful not to drop it inside the bottle, you don’t want it to fall. It needs to be located comfortably exactly in the bottle opening.
  2. Insert the wick into the coupling, leaving about 1/4” of it to stick out.

  1. Unscrew the split ring at one side and put the bottle neck into the ring. Then flip that side of the ring back on and make sure that it holds tight evenly on both sides of the ring (but don’t overtighten it to avoid glass damage and not to break the bottle).
  2. Using the funnel, pour the torch oil. Insert the coupling and wick into the top of the bottle, twist it tightly and give the wick a couple of minutes to absorb the oil.
  3. To maintain the wick dry when not using your torch use the copper cap.

Enjoy your time outdoors!

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