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DIY Wine Bottle Chandelier Tutorial – How to Make a Chandelier from Wine Bottles

DIY Wine Bottle Chandelier DIY Wine Bottle Chandelier

Very often we throw out some things that we think are already used while they can still be applied in some other areas of life.

For example various bottles, i.e. beer bottles, wine, vodka, cognac, milk bottles we drink from may become a great material for the DIY chandeliers, table lamps or other articles. And, what is more, you’ll save some money.

So let’s try and grant your old wine bottles a second life.

To make this chandelier you will need following tools:

  • utility knife
  • glass-cutting tool
  • drill with 1” paddle bit
  • screwdriver
  • wire cutters
  • saw (reciprocating or circular one)
  • caulk gun
  • bolt cutter

Besides you’ll need some materials:

  • wine bottles (height and colour to your liking)
  • lamp sockets
  • wire
  • spool of chain
  • 2” x 8’ plank of pine
  • self-sealing wood stain
  • a shallow plastic square junction box
  • hook eyes
  • wood screws
  • clear heavy-strength silicon

Step 1: clean the bottles

Get rid of the labels from each bottle with utility knife. Once the label is almost gone, wash the bottles with water.

You may notice that it’s more problematic to remove some labels. In this case try soaking the bottles with these labels in water until the paper and glue soften.

Step 2: cut the bottles

Place each wine bottle upright on a flat surface. Using glass cutter, score the bottom edge of the bottle. Then knock the bottom of each bottle loose with a hammer.

The bottom of the bottle should drop off in one piece. It must be done so the light bulbs will fit inside our bottles.

Step 3: connect wire and sockets

Take your wire cutting tool and cut lamp wire into even pieces. They should be long enough to reach from the socket to the junction box. Using screwdriver, attach each end of the wire to the corresponding socket. Repeat this step for all the bottles you’ve prepared.

Step 4: ensure that light bulbs fit into the bottles

Put the bulb into the socket and then run the wire through the bottle neck (the light bulb should find enough space in the bottle).

Step 5: cut the wood plank

Using reciprocating or circular saw cut the plank of the needed size.

You’ll need one more plank piece to create a ceiling canopy.

Step 6: paint wood plank with a self-sealing wood stain

Step 7: drill holes for the bottles

Use your drill and 1” paddle bit to drill holes through the pine plank.

Step 8: test fit

Place your pine plank horizontally and insert wine bottles upside down into the holes to ensure a tight fit.

Step 9: create the ceiling canopy piece

A ceiling canopy is the highest part of our chandelier and therefore it’ll be secured directly to the ceiling and will hold the lower part of the plank, where bottles with bulbs will be hanged.

Prepare the ceiling canopy (repeat step 6). Drill some holes for the chain and wire.

Step 10: add hanging hardware

Add six hook eyes to the wood plank for securing each strand of chain. Attach chain to hook eyes, then cut chain to proper length using bolt cutter.

Tryout by attaching the ceiling canopy to the ceiling and checking that everything is tight and is held properly.

Step 11: append the bottles

Holding the ceiling canopy, use caulk gun to add silicone into the drilled holes and insert wine bottles. Wipe superfluous silicon.

Step 12: connect wires to the junction box

Finally you’ll need to run the wires with socets through the bottles, from the bottle-holding plank’s junction box up through the small, drilled hole of the canopy and into the junction box of the ceiling.

And turn on the light to test your brand-new chandelier.

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