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Drum Shade Crystal Chandelier > $88.58 White Lampshade, 3-light

Drum shade chandelier

This chandelier is made in the best European traditions. Also, it contains some hints of modernity – that’s what we can say by looking at the shape and exterior of a large lampshade, which is set around the lights and crystals. This simple but very good-looking lampshade performs many important functions. Firstly, it dims a little the light of three bulbs that are inside, thus making an atmosphere in the room more romantic than it could be without it. Secondly, it makes the whole image of a chandelier more succinct and lucid. And in the last, but not least, when you turn on the lights, there are beautiful rays appear on the ceiling and in the whole room. And it seems that the sunset begins. The magic sunset that never ends. It’s a beautiful sight that you can see, having this chandelier at your place.

Latest Price $88.58

Chandelier Specifications

H15″ x W15″CrystalCrystal3

Review quotes of real buyers

“This chandelier is absolutely gorgeous!!! It arrived sooner than expected, every piece was securely wrapped and it included an authentication certificate. I recommend this unit highly.”

– “Stunning! Looks much more expensive than expected. Larger than I thought it would be. Takes a little time to get the crystals hung on right but well worth the time. I hung one in an entry way & one in the Master bedroom on a remodel. Really blings up a room.”

– “I love this little chandelier. He put it in her garden tub and it looks so cute. You might want to put it on a dimmer switch, it gives pretty bright light. It does have a black ceiling attachment and dad mad but I love it in my gray white and black bathroom.”

– “Love this light fixture. The shade is transparent enough to cast a good amount of light. The crystals are beautiful and you can’t beat the price.”

– “Stunning!!! This chandelier is the real deal and even more gorgeous in person! You will not be disappointed. I hung it over the bathtub and couldn’t be happier!”

– “This is awesome esp. For the price. Is somewhat time consuming putting all the crystals on, but worth it. You can put on as many or as little as you like”

– ”Just installed this in my bedroom. It’s gorgeous. Crystals are easy to hang and are heavy. Looks so pretty.”

– “I Looooove it! Gorgeous and the quality is really good considering it was only 100 bucks!”

– “The picture does not do justice to how beautiful this is, we hung it in the bedroom and hooked it to a dimmer, no matter how dim or bright, the crystals gleam beautifully! It looks much more expensive than it was!”

Pictures of Drum Shade Crystal Chandelier > $88.58 White Lampshade, 3-light in different interiors

Drum Shade Crystal Chandelier
Drum Shade Crystal Chandelier
Drum Shade Crystal Chandelier

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