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Frosted Glass Chandelier

Brushed nickel and frosted glass were combined in this chandelier. These two are the most famous representatives of contemporary classic in the decor. This chandelier – as a good rock song – will never go out of style and will always have an actual look in any interior. You can put it in your bedroom or even office, and it will add some style and charm to its interior. But it can also be situated in the bathroom, and it will still be beautiful and appropriate. Its body is not very high, and its height can be regulated using a chain. It contains 6 outputs for lights, and it helps to illuminate the room brightly. The classy style of it permits to use it in any official interior, thus your office will look representatively and fresh. The color scheme of the chandelier is bright and awakening, it still may be perfect for the bathroom or boudoir. Once you install it at home, you won’t ever change it. It will be your satellite for many years. The style of it won’t get old. Make some investment into the long happy and bright moments of your life.

Latest Price $175.99

Chandelier Specifications

Nuvo14.2 pounds26 x 14 inchesGlassNickel6Uplight

Review quotes of real buyers

“ I found this fixture to be of good quality and surprisingly lower price than similar fixtures. I was pleased with the promptness in which my order was received and the merchandise was in excellent condition.”

“So overall, I do recommend this light. It is attractive, affordable, and with the 7 bulbs, gives off plenty of light. Just don’t expect high quality materials.”

“We’ve had this product for over a year now and I’m still glad we made this purchase. I love the company too. Very good customer service.”

“Great price and nice quality. Shade covers allow enough light for the bathroom without glaring in your eyes while giving great lighting for putting on makeup.”
“Its a good looking light and installs without too much trouble…I put in 5 25 Watt Globe Bulbs and it gives off plenty of light for my needs…”

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